Ayo Charlet Duboc how you doin boo boo? Whattup Drake nahmean!

Ayo whattup baby baby! This Big Ghost aka the new Tony Orlando transmittin live to yalls from the island of Staten nahmean. Ayo thanks for the love namsayin. The god is crazy touched by the tribute ya showin a nigga nahmean. Word is bond. Ayo but to keep shit real the god aint really mean no disrespect to the delicate nigga Drake or nothin like that namsayin. But at the same times a nigga gon speak his mind n shit nahmean. Word. Aint no secret that the nigga soft as baby shit namsayin. The nigga be makin Usher look like Kimbo Slice or some shit. The god aint expose the nigga tenderness or nothin that wasnt already shit the public knew bout nahmean. Aint like the god blew the nigga spot up like that. Word. Wasnt like hood niggas was talkin like ayo the nigga Drake a wildcard nigga dont nobody disrespect that nigga or he gon slap the fuckin veins out ya head nahmean. Wasnt like niggas was livin in fear of the corny nigga. Nah nah nah nah muthafuckas knew the nigga was a Calgon nigga from the jump. Muthafuckas could see the nigga was a Charmin nigga nahmean. You put that nigga between two graham crackers n stick him next to a campfire n the nigga gon turn to a smore n shit nahmeans. You slap the nigga five n he gon moisturize ya palms nahmean. I seen pictures of the nigga in the pillow aisle at JC Penny namsayin. Word bond. The nigga breath probably smell like baby powder namsayin. Nigga prolly cry tears of honey n shit. Word. Aint like the god let the cats out they bags n shit. Niggas was well aware he a styrofoam nigga from day 1 namsayin. The nigga prolly rock mittens when he hold a cold drink namsayin. Yalls already know the niggas pedigree. Nigga prolly got the mirror wit the little light bulbs surroundin it in his bathroom. He a fragile nigga. The nigga tender. You squeeze the nigga n Chanel no. 5 gon come out the nigga nostrils namsayin. The nigga manufactured by Gund n shit. Ayo the god aint make none the shit up. Nahmean. Aint like the god gone out his way to convince muthafuckas that the nigga soft. Nah the nigga need to worry bout hisself n not worry bout what Deini sayin nahmean. Nigga go film Ice Age 4 n dont worry bout the god namsayin. Do YOU nigga. But at the same time the god aint mean no harm like that nahmean. The god wish the nigga the utmost success n shit. Word.
Aight peace.
  1. e Reply

    damn thats some funny ass shit . u need a fuckin comedy hour word is bond, baby powder? wow nuff said hahaha

  2. hl Reply

    You slap the nigga five n he gon moisturize ya palms nahmean.



  3. E.A. Marie Reply

    HAHA the pic is the best

  4. thepeople'spoet Reply

    this shit is funny……oh my……the nigga tender…………hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Anonymous Reply

    You squeeze the nigga and Chanel no 5 come out his nostrils. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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