Ayo enough wit that soft shit namsayin!

Ayo whattup little niggas this Big Tone aka Wu Ambassador #1 namsayin! Ayo a nigga comin to yalls from where the gladiators dwell nahmeans. Niggas eat fire n shit out lava where we come from namsayin. Ayo niggas drink sand to quench they thirsts where a nigga dwell. Niggas shave with knives where I come from  namsayin. We from Staten Island nigga. We smash broads in the back of the bus in the middle of the afternoon nigga. Thats right we smash hoes on public transits n shit. We leave rubbers on ya seats nigga. We aint got no regards for public hygienes like that nahmean. Niggas is ridin on the back of sabre tooth tigers in the middle of  the sidewalk where we dwells nigga. Ayo we aint merciful toward soft niggas. Word bond. Ayo now that I reintroduced yalls to the gods habitats namsayin Imma touch on some recent developments n shit. Ayo the god use to fuck wit the nigga J Coles n shit namsayin. Straight up n down the nigga had potentials n shit nahmean. But this nigga done made a left turn down Fruitcake Ave. n took a sharp right onto Pantyhose Lane then made another left n then parked his shit right on  Butterfly Blvd. Now the nigga done checked in to the Soft Nigga Inn n got hisself real cozy namsayin. I dont know how much Glee this nigga been watchin lately but he need to get the fuck outta here wit this Omarion shit n get back to spittin like a actual nigga n shit. The nigga J Coles startin to really REALLY remind me of that 3-ply softness nigga Drake who happen to reminds me of the nigga from the Old Spice commercials wit the moustaches. The nigga Drake be havin Grey Poupon milkshakes namsayin. Now this nigga Coles drinkin that niggas formulas n shit. N he drunk off that Drake shake namsayin. The only difference is that when the nigga Drake was havin his little caviar sandwiches at school the nigga Coles was growin up amongst lesser privileged niggas n shit. At least thats what the niggas been sayin. The nigga Drake was a silver spoon ass nigga from the jump but the nigga Coles aint really had that same level of bougie upbringings namsayin. But he still comin across like a corny nigga. These niggas is makin Carlton from Fresh Prince Of Bel Air seem like DMX n shit. Niggas is tourin together makin K-Ci  & JoJo seem like M.O.P. n shit. The nigga Coles actin like he done spilled oil of olay all over his rhyme books n shit. He aint no Drake just yet but the nigga keep followin that yellow brick road n he gon find hisself fallin into that nigga rabbit hole namsayin. The nigga Drake softer than a bag of  snowflakes nahmean. He so soft a mink might wanna rock that nigga skin for a coat. You stab that nigga n you gon get yogurt on ya blade n shit. Imma approach these niggas wit moose horns n throw one these soft ass niggas off a building namsayin. Only problem is these niggas is so soft n light in the ass they either gon bounce right back up when they hit the ground or they gon blow away n shit. These niggas so light in the ass they can use each other as kites n shit. These niggas is peacocks namsayin. This Staten Island nigga! We falcons n ravens n hawks n shit! We eat peacocks nigga! Yalls niggas think the god bitter n shit. Nah nah son. Staten Island niggas dont get bitter. Or salty or fuckin sour or none of that nahmean. Staten niggas only got 2 emotions nigga. First one is aight n the other is not happy namsayin. Aint no gray areas nigga. When we aight we wrestle like gorillas n eat broken bottles together. When we not happy we throw fire hydrants at a niggas kids n shit. Niggas gon pop ya bones out the sockets to express they disappointment if you aint actin right namsayin. Niggas aint got time for soft shit like rational behaviors n shit namsayin. Niggas is used to excessive force anyhow. Niggas lose they limbs n call the shit a flesh wound namsayin. Niggas was raised by wolves nahmeans. But niggas control they tempers namsayin. Anyhow…Cmon Coles get back to that other shit n leave the soft ass shit to the Cottonelle nigga. Ayo the god dont mean no disrespect or nothin of that sort namsayin so yall dont go take a nigga comments outta they contexts n shit nahmean. Word son cos a nigga jus out here tryna make a dollar outta a dime n a nick namsayin. Word bond. Be easy.

Aight peace.

  1. Jimmy Reply

    LMAO Holy shit. Like for real, this is the best thing I’ve ever read, Ghostface needs to write a book, I’d by 10 of those and then get my kids some too

  2. hl Reply

    “The nigga Coles actin like he done spilled oil of olay all over his rhyme books n shit.”



  3. E.A. Marie Reply

    aight & not happy i know thats right

  4. Anonymous Reply

    this is the greatest shit ever man, i’m at work dying of laughter, people are thinkin what the fuck is this guy on hahaha. throw fire hydrants at a niggas kids hahahaha

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PC-sZcVj4Eg

    Drake arguing and whining to his mom that he wanted a tuna bagel. enough said.

    he’s ALWAYS been softer than wet cake.

  6. Gene Reply

    J. Cole’s music is much better than yours. And he doesn’t have to front out of insecurity either. Stick to representing Wu Tang and stop all this phony shit talking on your BLOG.

  7. Gene Reply

    I take back all the bits about the legend Ghost, since I mistakened this for him, all respect goes to his movement as well as Wu Tang’s. Everything else stands though. You’re much softer for your internet thugging, faggot.

  8. Ward Prefect Reply

    This dude Gene got a lot of estrogen in his veins, talking about holdin some rapper penis. Learn to laugh, G. Drake don’t give a damn about you. Stop defending him like you’re his girlfriend.

  9. Billy Hoyle Reply

    word to Ward Perfect. Gene’s mad J. Cole didn’t put enough baby powder in sons pamper now he got a yeast infection and shit

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