Ayo enough wit that soft shit part 2 da sequel namsayin!

Ayo whattup this the magnificent Deini aka Pretty Toney the Stapleton gladiator namsayin. Aight yalls niggas pay attention nahmean. This is for the soft extra moist Sisqo ass niggas takin triple shots of Nuvo tryin to portray theyselves as muthafuckin classy gentlemen n shit but comin across like they Farnsworth Bentley ass marshmallow niggas instead nahmean. Yalls aint comin across like no 007 niggas namsayin. Yalls aint seeming like no Don Juan niggas yalls is jus seeming like a broad best friend n shit. This nigga Big Sean was borderline a soft nigga when he started his little 5 year career puttin out mixtapes for a livin n shit but now this nigga gettin way too in touch wit his female side namsayin. Ayo this nigga fallin backwards into a laundry basket of fresh towels n gigglin now. This nigga need to jus ga head n shoot a commercial for Snuggle namsayin. Cuddly fresh ass nigga. Word bond. This nigga already look like the type a nigga that lays on his back to put on his jeans n shit. Nigga built like a teenage broad n shit. Ayo the god got fists bigger than this nigga head namsayin. Word bond that nigga probably wear a 5-3/8 sized fitted nahmean. The god might have to make sure he aint slap that nigga too hard cos the nigga head might come off n shit namsayin. But ya know…I aint really got nothin against the nigga. The nigga a little light in the ass n shit but aint like Imma throw that nigga down the stairs n shit if I see the nigga. Aint like the god wanna see the nigga get stabbed outside a Bed Bath n Beyond or wherever that nigga hang out namsayin. Aint like the god wanna see the nigga crash his yellow bike or whatever that nigga use for transporation into a lamp post or nothin nahmean. The god dont wish no harm to come to that nigga like that namsayin but at the same times if the nigga keep takin this road he gon eventually come across some wild baboon type niggas namsayin. Word bond niggas gon tear that nigga arms off if they see the nigga alone n shit. The nigga a magnet for a unprovoked slap namsayin. Ayo the god aint advocatin those types of incidents n shit namsayin but the nigga puttin hisself in harms way nahmean. The nigga puttin jellyfish in his own bubble baths namsayin. Fruit salad ass nigga. Ayo if Del Monte ever start a record label they might gon sign this nigga as they marquee artist namsayin. This nigga look more suspect than the niggas in the Beat It video nahmean. Nigga probably got a tat on his lower back n shit namsayin. Word. Pretty little nigga. Fuck outta here wit that pretty lady shit nigga. Sucka ass nigga got his pinky extended when he holdin his drink n shit. Staten Island niggas dont fuck wit no extended pinky niggas namsayin. Staten niggas pour milk on a bowl of bullets for breakfast nigga. We make gun powder smoothies namsayin.We eat grenades nigga. Fuck that soft shit nigga. Niggas grew up wit nothin nahmeans. Little niggas was usin actual potatoes for they Mr Potato Heads when we was kids namsayin. Niggas aint had shit when we was babies. Niggas was wearin McDonalds napkins for diapers nahmean. We was gettin bottle caps for christmas n shit nahmean. Niggas used to fight over the Midnight Dragon joints n shit namsayin. Niggas wasnt gettin no Hungry Hippos for christmas namsayin. Niggas wasnt gettin no toys n games n shit. Niggas made they own Jengas outta popsicle sticks namsayin. We accustomed to hard livin namsayin. But thats neither here nor there namsayin. A nigga jus expressin his concerns bout this nigga recent choice of actions n shit nahmean. Ayo at the same time the god wish that nigga nothin but success namsayin. Do you nigga. Just dont be provokin niggas to chop you in the throat n shit wit ya wack ass songs namsayin. Word.
Aight peace.

  1. Gene Reply

    This isn’t Ghost, and you’re a bitch for talking mad shit over the internet while posing as someone else, poser.

  2. Tee Reply

    Fuck you Gene.

    Swear I don’t know why nobody commented on this post ever.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Gene, you’re the only human on earth who doesn’t enjoy this blog. re-laxxxxxxx.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    “fallin backwards into a laundry basket of fresh towels n gigglin now” baaahahahahaha

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