Ayo Whattup New Niggas!

Ayo whattup this Deini the Wally Champ namsayin aka Stapleton?s Finest. Ayo I aint really got no problems wit the nigga Wizz Kalifrah nahmeans. Matter fact I aint really know who the nigga was til bout 5 minutes ago n shit namsayin. But yo jus so i aint step on this nigga toes or nothin like that?cos the god sincerely wish the little nigga the utmost success n alla that but yo Imma hafta keep it really 100 wit yalls. This Roll Up shit kinda soft namsayin. By that a nigga mean you could probably rock a cryin baby to sleep wit this shit nahmeans. This some shit for the nurseries n shit namsayin. Ayo a nigga listen to this shit at the wrong time n he liable to start hangin one them posters wit the little babies dressed like animals n vegetables n shit on they walls. A nigga might go cop one them calendars wit the kittens dressed up like they firemen n hang that shit in the hallway namsayin. Ayo this shit be like the shit yall hear in Calgon commercials n shit. Shit sounds like it was produced by muthafuckin Yanni or some shit. Nigga soundin like he gon get muthafuckin Enya n Barbra Streisand to jump on the remix n shit. This like some shit they play in the room when bitches be givin birth n shit. What niggas supposed to do with this shit light candles n soak in a tub by they fuckin selves n shit? Nahmeans. Bitches gon think they can slap a nigga around if they hear a nigga knockin this shit voluntarily n shit. Word bond. A nigga gon grow titties listenin to this kinds a shit. Ayo muthafuckin Lubriderm called n wanna know if they can bottle ya soft ass song nigga. Muthafuckin Hostess wanna know if they can use ya soft ass song to fill Twinkies n shit. Fuck outta here wit this shit nigga. Ayo word bond Staten island niggas dont play this shit son nahmeans. Word. Ayo we punch the sidewalk when we happy nigga. Thats a good day nigga! Ayo we eat broken glass when we in a good mood nigga! Thats real talk. Niggas be shootin at each other when we be sayin hi to each other to keep niggas sharp. We test each others reflexes n keep niggas on they toes n shit nahmeans! Thats love nigga. Thats real family values muthafucka! Yall soft serve niggas dont know nothin bout that. This some shit for niggas to braid they other niggas hair to. Word. 
Aight peace. 

  1. Anonymous Reply

    ya right Ghost, but this what these ‘don’t know they history’ types want to hear=Rap!, not Hip Hop! it’s the semi gay, tight jeans brigade, watered down, weak stuff! not the real stand the test of time and add to the artform school of thought!

  2. Gene Reply

    I’ll take Wiz over a fake pretending to be Ghost on his blog anyday.

  3. Anonymous Reply


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