Ayo this ya nigga Big Ghost namsayin! Ayo they tryna shut a nigga blogs down n shit nahmean! But the god been thru many storms n shit. A nigga done walked thru hurricanes n swam in tidal waves n shit. A nigga done walked in the midst of tsunamis n shit. Word son. A nigga done endured those turmoils n shit. Ayo for yalls niggas that aint heard the tales of a nigga upbringins n shit Imma give you that. A nigga gon give yall the folklores. Word yo the god was sent down the river Nile namsayin in a basket. Word n yo the muthafuckas that found the god knew that they was in the presence of a majestic nigga cos the god was draped in divine fabrics n shit nahmean. Even as a baby the god had the aura namsayin. A niggas aura was incredible n shit. A nigga was meant to do unbelievable shit. The niggas said ayo we gon call this baby Tony Starks namsayin. Years would pass n the god would acclaim such titles like Wally Champ n Theodore n Pretty Toney n shit namsayin. Boldly goin where no real niggas had traveled before. I done had a thousand falcons carry a nigga across the sky over canyons n shit. The god rests his head upon clouds n bathes under waterfalls namsayin. Thats real talk. Yall lil tight jacket n apple bottoms wearin light in the ass new school niggas aint know nothin bout that. Get ya divinities up nigga! That aint yalls gate nahmean! Yalls aint on the same level as the god namsayin. Thats how Stapleton niggas get down. We aint grown up wit the crayola boxes wit the sharpeners n shit. Niggas aint had privileges n shit. Niggas was eatin razors n drinkin yoo-hoos. We punch buildings when we happy. We knock bricks outta walls to express our joys n shit. Niggas aint had role models n shit namsayin. Ayo we was just happy to be breathin n shit but niggas elevated theyselves nahmean! Word. We seen the snakes in the gardens n shit nahmean. Niggas tryna pick fruit from the gods orchards. Yall suit n tie muthafuckas is takin food out a nigga babies mouths n shit. Ayo the god gon throw a lamp post at a nigga if he try eatin a nigga food. Yall tryna slip the broken glass into a nigga riggatonis n shit namsayin. Word. But we eat those nahmean.
Aight peace.

  1. Anonymous Reply

    No Comments? They stay snoozin on the god…eatin too many snackie cakes.

    Epic Straight Outta Tha Gate, Tone.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    the first one

  3. Elowel Reply

    In the beginning was the word,
    And the word was bond.

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