H.A.M. Namsayin!

Ayo this the Wallabee Champ Tone Stizzy! Ayo these niggas brought the shit back to Afrika Bambaataa namsayin! This some electronic music for robotic zulu niggas in the jungle to throw spears to nahmeans. Word yo the god envisioned that shit. Niggas thats robots huntin wild mongooses wit spears n shit namsayin. This the kinda shit niggas wrestle gorillas to namsayin. Word. This some Tron shit. But yo the god got folklores bout that nigga Kanye tho. Nahmean that my nigga n all but yo straight up that nigga out his mind son. Word. Ayo that nigga came thru to jump on a remix wit the god nahmeans. The little nigga Ne-yo was in the studio when the nigga Ye show up. Bein that the nigga Ne-Yo done the hook nahmeans. The nigga Ne-Yo drunk than a muthafucka son nahmean. But yo the nigga Kanye show up n the nigga got a butt ass naked chinese bitch on a leash n shit. Bitch was about 4 feet tall. The nigga was wearin a silver tuxedo wit no shirt underneath. Just a bow tie n a silver tuxedo nahmeans. The nigga on his jack namsyain. N the nigga screamin on a broad on the phone yo. Word yo I aint even know what the nigga sayin to the broad but the nigga just screamin on the bitch namsayin talkin bout word Imma kill you bitch you betta hide ya dogs n this that n the third. The nigga hang up n yo the nigga Ne-Yo was feelin some kinda way bout the situation n the nigga say somethin bout yo that aint right son. Yo you gotta respect them broads etc etc nahmeans. Meanwhile the nigga Ye start takin off his belt all quiet like nahmean n dont even say a word to nobody n straight up the nigga Ye knocks that nigga Ne-Yo across his scalp wit the buckle namsayin. So the nigga Ne-Yo grabs a empty bottle of Ciroc n the nigga breaks the shit on the table talkin bout Imma stab this nigga Ye. Meanwhile my niggas got out they little phones n shit tryna capture the shit on video nahmeans. But yo the god aint wanna see no niggas gettin killed up in the spot so a nigga try n intervene. Thats my word. But yo then the nigga Ye bitch?the naked chinese broad on the leash starts whylin nahmean. Word yo the bitch growlin n shit. Out of nowhere the bitch jumps up on the ceiling nahmeans. Thats my word n the bitch crawlin around on the ceiling n walls growlin n shit. Niggas is runnin out the studio n that nigga Ne-Yo like a sittin duck nahmeans. N the broad jump down n start chewin on the nigga neck. Meanwhile the nigga Ne-Yo screamin like Mariah Carey n shit while the bitch chew the nigga neck. Word yo that was some fucked up shit. Then the nigga Ye clap his hands talkin bout Pang heel! He like Pang return! N the bitch come up to the nigga leg n shit n the nigga gave the bitch a kibble n shit. Then the nigga go in the booth n spit his verse in one take n the nigga bounced. Meanwhile the nigga Ne-Yo layin all unconscious in his own piss losin blood n shit. Turns out the nigga lost 2 liters of blood or some shit. Word yo that was some wild shit son! Them two niggas dont really mention that shit too much in interviews but the god remembers the shit clear as fuck. Word.
Aight peace.
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    Fucking incredible!!! There should be an animated short made of this story, god.

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