November 5, 2013


Ayo whattup… Feel free to take a moment to allow my presence to be felt once again nahmean. You back in the midst of the mighty Hands of Zeus aka Galaxy Knuckles aka Shampoo Bracelets the panty melter aka Broccoli Bundles aka Phantom Ravilois otherwise known as the infamous Thor Molecules…but you might kno me as Spartacus Deluxe or the world famous Caviar Tusks. Welcome back to the Cappuccino Lounge…amongst the exquisite furs n luxurious velvet surfaces n shit. Bask in the radiance of my glorious abode. Now we here to discuss whats gon probably be  the biggest album of the year by one of the greatest rappers that ever walked the earth. First off…if Drake jus popped in ya head after readin that last sentence you should smack yaself bruh. Word is bond. If Tyga popped in ya head after readin that sentence you should probably jus do the honorable thing n commit seppuku witta hot butter knife or some broken glass tho. G’head nigga.

If the name Eminem dont ring a bell…either you been livin under a rock in exile on a abandoned desert island in another dimension in prehistoric times n shit….or you from North Dakota or some shit. Either way you a individual thats disconnected from reality n you need to wise up yo. I aint gon give you all types of back story on son cuz most yall done already seen the movie…you done heard his music n read the interviews… Sons life done been a open book for so long that muthafuckas can tell you more bout Marshall Bruce Mathers III than they can they own family members n shit. Wikipedia that fool. This the man who gave the world the word “Stan” to describe a nigga that stans. Before “Stan” there wasnt even a word for stannin b…thats how serious it is. Maybe thats cuz before Eminem it wasnt any stans out there like that. Not in the mass armies that they exist in nowadays n shit. Mighta been some groupies n dickridin ass niggas who aint kno how to chill when it came to they favorite artists n athletes n what have you… But when muthafuckas took it to that next level…when it became acceptable for dudes to be gettin swept up in some pandemonium type shit n obsess over another man like he was ya soul mate n shit…not even on jus some regular ol superfan shit…. Before the word “stan” you woulda needed to say “groupie” or “dickrider” AND “stalker” AND “loser” AND “delusional ass muthafucka” to get the point across. You hadda use like 6 adjectives to describe the level of obsessive dickridery that was occurrin n shit. But after the Eminem shit it was like we had the all inclusive terminology for that nahmean. So yanno…credit is due for that namsayin.


Now even tho son named this shit The Marshall Mathers LP 2 he wanted to be very clear that this wasnt no sequel to The Marshall Mathers LP. Which is basically like if they made a movie called Forrest Gump 2 n said YA BUT IT AINT A SEQUEL JUS FYI…SO DONT EXPECT IT TO BE LIKE THE ORIGINAL. Think he was callin this album a “revisitation” or some shit. But we was talmbout Stans…which brings us to the first track of this muthafucka…

1. Bad Guy – This shit is the sequel to “Stan”. Now if you heard that Marshall had a sequel to “Stan” on his new album before hearin that shit you might be like getthefuckouttahere… Like how you gon make a sequel to some shit like that? I mean first of all…”Stan” is a classic…might even be like top 3 greatest story rap joints ever along wit some Ice Cube or Slick Rick or Biggie shit that I aint gon get into right now namsayin. Word is bond…thats probably a top 10 rap song of all time…PERIOD. I mean how you gon make a sequel to ya masterpiece b…ya magnum opus n whatever.. What you gon have Stan come back as a ghost who writes letters n shit? Stan the ghost gon be leavin comments on ya facebook page n blowin ya twitter up or some shit?  Truth be told I aint een kno that thats what this shit was. I thought he was kickin his album off wit some shit bout Mariah or that it was like some of his usual deranged stalker/serial killer shit he love doin. I actually aint realize what the fuck was happenin til like the third verse to be truthful. Ion wanna give away the plot n shit for anybody who aint heard it or maybe jus aint made the connection yet neither…but its some surprises on this track. Aint a lot of muthafuckas in this world who coulda pulled this shit off yo. Im talkin this degree of artistry nahmean. This shit got levels. Theres a switch up in the beat towards the end where he starts pourin his heart out n shit…but its all good cuz this probably his best song since like…Ionno… Actually yo before I say anything bout that I should mention that I was a big fan of The Slim Shady LP…n The Marshall Mathers LP was a classic…but I wasnt really the biggest Eminem Show fan. I actually fucks wit more shit off what yall done officially declared his “worst” album…which is Encore. Not sayin Encore a better album but I listen to more shit off that muthafucka to this day than anything on The Eminem Show. I wasnt a big fan of Relapse neither…I mean Ion listen to that shit like at all b. It had some aight joints…but mostly it was some fuckery on that shit. Recovery was a step in the right direction but the shit also aint feel like a reeeeaaal Eminem album. Even tho all them shits had some good joints sprinkled here n there on em I aint really fuck wit them like that. So to ME… this shit is the most high caliber n impressive shit he done made since like MMLP. To ME. This shit is jus more elevated n clever…n jus put together better than any the shit he started doin round The Eminem Show nahmean. You can get mad at that but it aint gon change nothin…fuckouttahere.

2. Parking Lot (skit) This shit jus picks up where that little skit in the middle of “Criminal” off MMLP left off…which means it coulda been a decent intro to the album too. I mean shit woulda made sense to ME…but I aint executive produce this shit so who am I to say namsayin. I guess it was a coin toss between this shit n “Bad Guy” in the end. One thing I noticed is it was only one skit on this LP. Recovery aint had ANY skits but that shit was his “serious” album so I guess that makes sense. Im thankful that its no Ken Kaniff gettin dome from two dudes on this shit but I wouldnt had minded a phone call from Paul Rosenberg to really get the nostalgia poppin. But anyways…

em rr

3. Rhyme Or Reason – Ok now this is where we hit a speed bump (slow down baby)… The legendary Rick Rubin produced this shit. Ion gotta explain what makes son legendary…yall should google that muthafucka if you really dont kno his resume like that nahmean.  This track got a couple issues tho. I mean its all good if niggas wanna think outside the box instead of stickin to the same formulas that worked for em before n shit…but there gotta be lines drawn someplace bruh. You might be lettin the creative juices flow a little too close to the ponds of corniness here b. This sounds like some shit that Chippendale muthafuckas strip for old white broads to. I mean its cool…if you into that kinda shit. Rick sampled some hippy shit from the 60s…n then Em re-sang the whole damn chorus of the original to the same melody n jus changed up the words.  I think the shit is bout his dad but he keep goin off topic so Ion really kno. The shit is aight…Em always got some classic rock shit on his albums so I expected it but this shit kinda corny lyrically n musically.

4. So Much Better – Now this more like it. Shit got that familiar Eminem feel to it but still sounds kinda fresh namsayin. Its exactly what a updated MMLP should sound like b. On top of that he back on his female-bashin shit…which aint necessarily my personal favorite topic or nothin but son jus sounds reinvigorated…n if thats what its gon take then so be it my nigga. After he took that 5 year hiatus between ’04 n ’09 it was like it took a minute for son to regain his confidence n get back to his old self a little bit. But this shit jus sounds right. The hook should give his fans that ol familiar feelin n shit too.


5. Survival – I aint gon lie. First time I heard this shit my reaction was basically NAH FUCK THIS SHIT. But it aint a bad track. Im that one muthafucka in the room who dont lose his got damn mind whenever “Lose Yourself ” comes on the radio or some shit tho. Like I cant really stand that shit unless its while its playin at the end of 8 Mile nahmean. This track got the same YOU CAN DO IT vibe but its not as dramatic bout all that. Its actually a little over the top wit the smashin drums n guitars shit but it still kinda knocks. But I guess thats why it was made for a video game n shit. If you fucks wit 80s german heavy metal type shit n Vin Diesel movies or you jus want some mood music to rock crazy Affliction gear to…this song might be for you nahmean.

young em

6. Legacy – This shit sound kinda like the Recovery album n MMLP had a baby. I mean that shit…listen to it n tell me that aint exactly what this muthafucka sound like. The song title is basically exactly what the shit is bout. Son is walkin us thru his past…from his childhood to now…again. Ion wanna be the insensitive muthafucka who says shit like DOG YOU GOTTA GET OVER THE FACT YOU GOT BULLIED AT SCHOOL ALREADY. YOU A GROWN MAN NOW…LET THAT SHIT GO so I aint sayin shit bout all that. But it WOULD be nice if we moved the fuck on from that topic for good. He got some nice lines on this one tho…

Me against the world? So what…Im Brian Dawkins
versus the whole 0 and 16 Lions offense
So bring on the Giants Falcons and Miami Dolphins…

The track aint bad but it dont really stand out neither. I aint mad at it tho. It keeps the album flowin…

7. Asshole (feat. Skylar Grey) – To be perfectly honest wit yall…anytime I see the words “Featuring Skylar Grey” or “Produced by Alex da Kid” I usually assume its bout to be some shit I aint gon enjoy. But I aint all the way mad at this shit. I mean the hook probably the worst part bout it tho. This shit is basically a continuation of the last song. He goin at Asher Roth a lil bit on the 2nd verse…which is like dissin one of the muthafuckas in Black Eyed Peas that aint will.i.am or Fergie. As in we kno who the fuck he is but whyyyyy the fuck you talkin bout em at all? I mean son went from bein the poor man’s Eminem to the poor man’s Mac Miller. Why you aint diss this dude when you dropped Relapse n son was relevant? When son looked like he was bout to blow. You jus gettin offended NOW? Im tellin you tho…its a confidence thing b. Em felt like maybe his time had passed back in ’09. He dont feel like that now I guess.

  1. Nok Reply

    Funny, fair review. Quotables for days. You should include the bonus track “Don’t Front” which is probably the best track associated with this album.

  2. noJ. O Reply

    Hilarious nd honest as usual. You shouldve peeped, if not reviewed, the bonus tracks. I think that wicked ways, desperation and groundhog day could’ve replaced some of the weaker songs on the original tracklist. They’re pretty dope.

  3. G.D.Stubbs Reply

    I do believe that Eminem has fulfilled the purpose of his existence by being the reason that we can now know the spacetime spanning origin story of Galaxy Knuckles (aka etc.)

  4. The Colonel Reply

    This was an awesome & extremely truthful review. Props where due, calling-bullshit where due as well. I think besides “Brainless” & “Rhyme Or Reason” which I loved (and you don’t really think are all that) I agree with you on everything else. The KDot collab was a big let down. Bezerk was all sorts of crap. Makes sense that it comes right after Asshole. Not even gon talk about the track where he sang his heart out.
    Funniest part of the review was the “Headlights” part. You out did yourself there.
    …And yeah, Ken Kaniff does make an appearance on the album. Last 90seconds on the deluxe version.

  5. your mom Reply

    the eminem show was like the greatest record of all time you fucking twat

  6. William Reply

    “Stronger Than I Was” was an incredibly annoying track, but it’s meant to be from Kim’s perspective.

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January 3, 2018

WILLFUL IGNORANCE: ‘The practice or act of intentional and blatant avoidance, disregard or disagreement with facts, empirical evidence and well-founded arguements because they oppose or contradict your own existing personal beliefs.’
That’s what we’re dealing with today. WILLFUL IGNORANCE. Whenever you see or hear a Trump supporter trying to justify something utterly ridiculous and you think to yourself, “That person can’t be THAT stupid”, you’re right.

They probably aren’t.

The denial of facts may be frustrating as you try to coax Trumpeters back into reality, try to help them out of the 4th Dimension they reside in. Where ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN are “FAKE NEWS”. That weird world where Trump and Fohx News’ Sean Hannity are telling the truth and
Dan Fucking Rather is lying.


But I know who believes it.

Evidently approximately 30% of the country. The Dirty 30% that constitute Trump’s base.
The Deplorables.
So you should take all of the racists, militia members, conspiracy theorists, and all around idiots and place them firmly within that 30% circumference. But there are smart people that put themselves in that bubble too. People who disregard reality and choose to roll with alternate facts. People who have purposely planted their flag in the Upside Down.

Me personally I know that anything that Trump says is a lie. That’s automatic. Whatever he says, just believe the direct opposite and 100 times out of 100 you’ll be right. There are people that actually believe Trump’s lying-ass and take his ridiculous words as law. It would be funny but it’s kind of sad. Everytime I see a poll where that hardcore 30% are standing by their lying-ass man I just shake my head.

Idiots, right?

Not so fast.

It would be real easy to dismiss it all as stupidity. Just scroll on by if that shit shows up on your Twitter time line. Laugh and change the channel when someone pops up on your screen spouting Trumpism. Look at a person defending one of Trump’s idiotic antics, shake your head and walk away. Easy peasy.
Just chalk it up to someone being dropped on their head as a baby and keep it moving.

But these people aren’t brain damaged, as simple as it is to label them as such.
Some of these people are smart as fuck, although their mouths betray that sentiment. As retarded as Sean Hannity sounds, he’s a smart muthafucka. So is Tucker Carlson, Jesse Watters, Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, and the rest of the Liar’s Club. It pains me to say that, but some of those Trump lovers are pretty bright (except for Steven Miller. That muthafucka is missing a chromosome, and Tomi Lahren the human blow-up doll.) For the sake of argument let’s say that the majority of members of the Trump cult AREN’T
knuckle-draggers that can’t put a sentence together.

So what the fuck is it? What makes someone disregard all facts and regurgitate shit that they know isn’t true?


Man, it’s taking me a really long time to write this piece, because Trump keeps doing dumb shit. Every fucking day this idiot tweets something ridiculous that makes me stop and ask myself, “Do I wanna include that?”

He addressed the violence in Charlottesville, VA. by legitimizing protesting Neo-Nazis, claiming that some of them are good people and saying that counter protestors share the blame for the violence. Proclaimed Alabama’s accussed child molester and Senate candidate Roy Moore’s denials as reason enough to vote for him. He retweets anti-Muslim hate groups, he insults foriegn leaders. All the while his drones line up behind him like storm troopers, bobbing their heads in unison to the sounds of his stupidity.

It’s beyond frustrating to see and hear someone totally unqualified and totally in over his head spout bullshit. It’s more frustrating to see fellow Amerikkkans get the wool pulled over their eyes repeatedly, and blindly defend the very same trickster. Then I came to the realization that they enjoy being blinded and being led around by the sound of Trump’s stupid voice.

No one can be so stupid that they innocently believe the wild shit that comes tumbling out of Trump’s pie hole, right? These people either have no grasp of the English language or they are complicit in Trump’s attempt to create this facade that only he can heal the ills of the world.

Look, Trump is a dumb-ass.

That should be clear to anyone with ears who has been paying attention. Yet and still, that pesky Dirty 30 odd percent still stand behind him defiantly, like a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan who refuses to admit that they suck. They operate with blinders on, blind to the fact that Trump is causing mayhem all over the planet. These are people who watch “The Apprentice” on VHS tapes and marry their own sisters.



Maybe not.

Maybe these people aren’t missing a chromosome. Maybe they don’t raise and breed vermin. Maybe they do have WiFi and all of their teeth. Maybe they don’t all listen to Lynryd Skynyrd, drink Busch beer and drive pick-up trucks with gun racks and Confederate flags on the mud flaps.


Some of those delusional muthafuckas work in the cubicle right next to you. They wear Dockers, not stained overalls, and penny loafers, not Doc Marten boots. They sip lattes, play Fantasy Football and drive Audi’s.
And they voted for Trump.
Those are the muthafuckas who you have to worry about. Those people who see the havoc Trump is wreaking across the globe and shut their eyes to it. That nice guy James From Work who goes home, loosens his tie, gets on his iPad and transforms into Deplorable Jim. Yup, that same guy you work next to is a Deplorable. He might not say it at work or wear one of those stupid Make Amerikkka Great hats, but he’s one of them. When he gets home it’s all Fohx News all the time. More importantly, he believes that bullshit. He suspends reality and immerses himself in the FOHX NEWS universe. Its like “The Sunken Place” for white people. Why would a relatively smart human being subject himself to obvious and utterly ridiculous lies? One answer – WILLFUL IGNORANCE. Deplorable Jim knows that Sean Hannity, Jesse Watters, and Tucker Carlson are spouting bullshit, but he WANTS it to be true. He ignores the facts, hunkers down in his echo chamber and let’s the rancid rhetoric of people like Judge Janine wash over him, reinforcing and validating his beliefs. He’s not stupid, he’s just WILLFULLY IGNORANT.

Some people look at WILLFUL IGNORANCE as a defense mechanism, a way to dismiss truth and hold on to lies, stubbornly refusing to recognize reality while living in a conservative fantasy world.
You know, it’s a different type of muthafucka who chants “U-S-A, U-S-A!!!” and doesn’t want to look into a foriegn country meddling in our elections. A person has to be truly special to think that TRUMP’S SON, TRUMP’S CAMPAIGN MANAGER, and TRUMP’S SON IN LAW met with Russians in TRUMP’S BUILDING, TRUMP TOWER concerning TRUMP’S CAMPAIGN and that TRUMP had no? idea.

It takes a unique individual to ignore all of Trump’s promises to build a wall that Mexico would pay for, only to have it morph into Amerikkkan tax dollars footing the bill.

It takes a person of immense faith to believe Trump’s lies that are easily debunked by Google, and to tout a tax plan by a man who won’t release his own taxes.

You have to possess a special talent to keep saying that NFL players were kneeling to protest Amerikkka and the military, even though they’ve been saying from Day One that they were protesting police brutality.

It takes a true unicorn to say that Robert Mueller has had enough time, that his investigation into the Trump campaign should be shut down, that he should be fired.
The investigation into Bill Clinton took almost 1500 days. The Watergate and Benghazi investigations took over 900. Right now Mueller’s investigation is under 300 days, and Trumpeters want it shut down.


They even count different.

WILLFUL IGNORANCE on it’s face looks like it only hurts the practitioner, but that ain’t true. Choosing to act stupid may be even more dangerous than actually being stupid. We can see the effects of WILLFUL IGNORANCE in Amerikkka’s greatest sin – Slavery.

Have you ever seriously sat back and thought about how evil, arrogant, and stupid you have to be to believe that other people are subhuman and should live to serve you? Think about that for a minute. The utter arrogance and stupidity of the “they didn’t know better”, or “it was a different time” defense of slavery. You think they didn’t know better? They acted like we were humanoids, animals, just short of monsters. Let me ask you this; man or woman, would you fuck a Yeti?

Probably not.

Slavemasters would lay with their slaves all the time. They even had babies with them. They knew they were human. Ain’t nobody sticking their dick in a pussy that might have teeth in it. They knew that the only basic difference between their slaves and themselves was their skin color. And let’s just say that all of them didn’t know, that they were that dense.


But I’ll tell you who did know that we’re all the same species-doctors. Yup, Doctors knew. But they all wrapped themselves in a cloak of WILLFUL IGNORANCE so it would be easier to let slavemasters brutalize, abuse, sell and even kill black people.
If they were seen as a lesser form of life, what was the harm? You see how that WILLFUL IGNORANCE shit works?

It’s exactly what these idiots are doing today. I’ll give u an example. Trumpsters keep screaming that “Drain The Swamp” bullshit, acting like Trump’s not the biggest alligator in it. Ignoring former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn sending text messages during Trump’s inauguration, trying to enrich himself, lying to the FBI, failing to register as a foriegn agent and taking money from Turkey and Russia.

Defenders Of Trump acting like the former Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Price, didn’t have to resign due to misuse of private jets and military aircraft. They turn a blind eye to the fact that treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin was doing the exact same shit (with military aircraft). Trump’s Trumpeters disregard the fact that this idiot runs his administration like a season of Big Brother or Survivor, with employees leaving every month. Flynn, Price, former Chief Of Staff Reince Priebus, former advisor Sebastian Gorka, former Chief strategist Steve Bannon, former communications director Anthony Scaramucci, former Press Secretary Sean Spicer, former acting AG Sally Yates, former FBI director James Comey, (I do enjoy putting ‘FORMER’ next to their name and title tho) and the latest contestant to get her torch put out on Survivor:WhiteHouse, Omarosa. No one has any idea what the fuck she did in the White House anyway. I would say that her position was Token Black but I think Dr. Ben Carson has that job.

People who support Trump act like it’s normal to have an employee turnover rate like a fast food joint at the highest level of government.

It’s not.

This dumb-ass White House is in turmoil. Who’s next to get the bum’s rush out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?
My money is on Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson getting the Timberland next.
He makes way too much sense to stick around on the Trumptanic. I personally don’t think that he’s poorly educated enough to give Trump his blind loyalty, so he’s gotta go.

WILLFUL IGNORANCE allows Trump’s cadre to overlook all of this shit and act as if everything is just honky-dory, like this is the way a White House is supposed to run.
Jesus, it’s hard not to call these people idiots. But remember they all aren’t, they just use selective intelligence.

They can cut that shit on and off. I mean really, who can ignore all the suspicious shit Jared Kushner does? I mean he’s not even supposed to BE IN The White House. He’s married to Ivanka Trump which makes him Trump’s son-in-law, and subject to an anti-nepotism law. The same law that kept Obama from hiring his wife’s brother and his own half-sister during his administration. Lo and behold, Trump IS white so some judge made it possible for Trump to hire both his son-in-law, and his daughter, who is as worthless as big titties on a nun.

Back to this slippery snake Jared; I can’t count the number of times he amended his SF-86 security form to apply for his security clearance, or the fact that he both met with the Russians during the campaign and also instructed Flynn to contact them during the transition. But hey, Trumpeters turn the page on that shit and tout what a great job he’s doing…at whatever the fuck he does. I know he’s supposed to be doing a gang of shit, he’s even charged with bringing peace to the Middle East.
Good luck with that, fuck boy.

The biggest display of either mass lunacy, stupidity, or the use of WILLFUL IGNORANCE as a super power was the election of Trump.
Trump voters had to look past him being the most unqualified candidate ever, his boldface lies, and then they had to overlook his utter stupidity, obvious racism, and the infamous Access Hollywood Tape.

The video tape where Trump himself admitted – once again, this is ON TAPE – not only sexual harrasment but also sexual assault and attempting to cheat on Melania. You heard him profess his love for “just kissing women” – he doesn’t even wait – & grabbing their pussies. All while Billy Bush giggled like a 13 year old girl. Not to mention that Trump detailed how he attempted to cheat on his wife with a married woman, trying to seduce her with furniture.

Billy Bush got fired from Access Hollywood.

Trump got elected to the highest office in the land.

Nevermind the sexual assault allegations leveled against him by upwards of 12 women. Allegations that the tape seems to confirm. They also had to disregard his racist campaign rhetoric, the dog whistles he used gleefully to help divide the country.
Divide and conquer, indeed.

We already discussed his grand Wall, the wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for that suddenly transformed into an Amerikkkan tax-funded project. Trump used a classic con man fraud tactic, the “bait and switch”, and Deplorables acted like he never claimed that Mexico would underwrite his precious partition. Not to mention that he refused to disclose his own taxes, claiming that he was under an audit. All of that shit was of no? consequence. People just pushed their WILLFUL IGNORANCE buttons, a dazed look came over their faces, a glassy look in their eyes, and they began to drool.

This enabled them to pull the lever for a compulsive liar and all around dickhead. No? matter how stupid he is, the fact remained that he was a rich white man, and his opponent a rich white woman. Of course sexism played into Trump’s victory, also Republican hatred for the name “Clinton”. The Russians meddling in the election to harm HRC and help Trump was also a factor, as was Hillary’s decision not to visit some states, like Wisconsin. The impact of then FBI director James Comey disclosing that he was reopening the investigation into Clinton’s Benghazi emails days before the election can’t be understated either.

It was a perfect storm that Trumpeters used as justification for them hitting themselves over the head with clubs until their brains were mushy enough to pledge allegiance to Komrade Trump. The end result was absurd – no?, it was obscene.

Some white Amerikkkan’s that cant even open child-proof aspirin elected the most immoral Presidential candidate ever. Amerikkka immediately surrendered it’s moral high ground, and began to wallow in the mud, like pigs on Orwell’s animal farm. The “president” insulted everyone in earshot and Tweetshot, both enemy and ally, and Trump’s supporters waved it off. They stuck their fingers in their ears, rolled their eyes back and stuck their tongues out.


Their shining white (orange) knight could do no? wrong. The prince of white privilege was here to stay! Trump recently signed into law his crowning (and only) legislative achievement.

Tax reform.

90 something percent of Republicans support Trump’s tax plan. Do you realize how stupid that is? Supporting the tax plan of a con artist who won’t release his own taxes? We don’t know how this plan really impacts Trump personally but we can assume that he makes out like a bandit. Trump said that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft called him, expressing his love for the bill. Well, I’m sure he did, his tax rate just went from 37% to 21%.
What’s not for Kraft to love?

I see about 10 companies that are benefitting from the tax plan giving out $1000 bonuses to all of their employees.
That’s great.
What I wanna know is are they gonna give those $1000 tax relief checks forever? That’s how long the tax cut is for companies and the wealthiest Amerikkkans – FOREVER.
For everybody else it ends in 2025.

WILLFUL IGNORANCE also shields the eyes from glaring hypocrisy. Trump’s frequent visits to his golf courses; 36 days at Mar-A-Lago and over 80 total visits to his golf properties. Remember when he said he would never go golfing if he were elected president? That he would be too busy working? Well, apparently that shit went out the window as soon as he made it into the White House.

That orange muthafucka started calling Mar-A-Lago the Winter White House (what? What the fuck is he talking about?) and saying he’s on “working vacations” when he’s there or any of his other spots. Huh?
Muthafucka either you’re working or you’re on vacation.
It’s either or, not both. Since you’re on a golf course wearing one of your patented dumb ass hats I’m gonna say that you’re on vacay, dickface.

Trump lovers don’t see it like that. They rub their Pendants Of WILLFUL IGNORANCE and they can’t see Trump bamboozling them again, out on the links trying to make a
hole-in-one while Kim Jong Un is out testing missiles, trying to put a hole in Amerikkka.

Goddammit he just did some new shit. Now it’s been reported that during a meeting about Nigerian and Haitian immigrants Trump said that all Haitians have AIDS. As for the Nigerians, he said that after they lived in Amerikkka they would never return to their “huts”. Of course the White House says it’s not true. When Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders says something isn’t true that just about guarantees that it is.

You know Trump said that shit. Just like he asked Comey for a “loyalty pledge”. That sounds just like his dumb-ass.
I’m sure the Trump cheerleaders will shake their pom-poms and start their chant- “T-R-U-M-P!!!!” They’ll put on their red caps of WILLFUL IGNORANCE, their minds will go totally blank, and they can “Deny, deny, deny!” I can hear them now; “But Hillary…”, “Obama did…”, and then it will devolve into a din of Republican talking points; “Benghazi!” “emails!” “Chicago!” The usual bullshit. All meant to deflect from whatever issue is plaguing Trump at the moment.

You know what? I’m ending this. Trump keeps doing dumb-shit and I just can’t keep up. As if it already isn’t bad enough that he golfs more than Jordan Spieth, now he’s got a box truck trying to block the press from getting footage of him on the links. Doesn’t this nincompoop realize that he’s just making this shit worse? I’m gonna let these people continue to use their shields of WILLFUL IGNORANCE to deflect the truth that surrounds them. They can keep playing pretend whenever that idiot does something stupid and act like it didn’t happen.
They can keep defending Trump everytime he says something reprehensible,
shrugging off his racist or misogynistic comments with a “Oh, he didn’t mean it.”
These people wear their Mask’s Of The Poorly Educated so that they can validate any of his absurd claims. He’s the biggest liar and hypocrite the world has ever seen and Deplorables think that he’s making Amerikkka great.

Trump is making Amerikkka unstable. This country hasn’t been this divided since the Civil War. Other countries see that and seize on it, poking and proding Amerikkka’s armor, looking for a way in, a way to disrupt our way of life. Trump hasn’t made us safer, he’s made us vulnerable and a target. I understand that Republicans like big business and supposed smaller government and all that shit. They love watching the stock market reach new highs and unemployment hit 17 year lows. Of course Trump takes credit for all of that, when Barack Obama actually set the trajectory that has the Dow hitting these heights. We know that what goes up eventually must come down, that’s a fact of life. I’m curious to see what form of WILLFUL IGNORANCE Trump will employ when the DJI starts to tumble. Should be interesting.

This “presidency” should be aborted, pun intended. (By the way, if you’re against abortion, then don’t have one. Quit worrying about everybody else). Trump is an abomination, he stands on the world stage and the rest of the globe is transfixed, a bright orange clown with Amerikkka as his circus. And just like any other clown some people are scared of him and some people think that he’s hilarious. You can be as WILLFULLY IGNORANT as you want to be but that’s the fact. Amerikkka is no longer respected around the planet. Our allies look at the USA and Trump perplexed, bewildered, and terrified. Our enemies look at the same thing and are overjoyed and amused, Amerikkka being led astray by a court jester who thinks he’s an emperor.

Too bad the WILLFUL IGNORANCE force field won’t allow 30% of the country to see this.
The more that I think about it, maybe this whole WILLFUL IGNORANCE thing is wrong.

Maybe Trump supporters are all just stupid as fuck.

P.S. Rep. Devin Nunes is a Russian spy and should be executed.
This just in: At the end of a statement to S.Korea, Kim Jong Un said that he has the nuclear button on his desk. How did Trump respond? With something dignified and presidential?


Trump replied that his nuclear button “IS BIGGER” and “IT WORKS”. I’ll leave the psychoanalysis of that statement to students of Freudian slips, but it appears pretty obvious to me. Just by him saying that shows a lack of self awareness that’s almost scary.

Trump thinks he’s fucking He-Man, and he’s alot more like Cringer.

That wasn’t it tho, he also tweeted that he was going to give out FAKE NEWS awards. Is this muthafucka serious? That’s a Comedy Central skit, not something the president talks about doing. This guy is a fucking retard.

The media is complicit too. Call his lies what they are. He didn’t “MISSPEAK”, he fucking LIED. He lies all the time. Call his statements exactly what they are LIES.
The media gotta stop giggling and shit when Trump calls them “Fake News”, and when Huckabee-Sanders stands at the podium shoveling bullshit at them.
Hold these fucks accountable, don’t smile and hope they give you a reach around while they fuck you.

To top it all off, former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon has written a book, where he calls the meeting between the Russians and Donald Trump Jr. “TREASONOUS”. Bannon also disparages Trump’s stupid-ass family in the book, with good reason.

Let’s see the Dirty 30% use WILLFUL IGNORANCE top defend all of this idiocy.

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October 13, 2017

Guess who’s back?

Back again….

Ghost is back.

Tell a friend…

Guess who’s back guess who’s back guess who’s back guess– Aight Im done. Anyways the only reason why Im still up in this shit is cuz Hex keeps writin shit that wont fit on his little tumblr page or whatever…n cuz Im a good friend n cuz he happens to write some brilliant shit nahmean… So even tho I hate his damn guts I still approve of his words n thoughts on shit. Anyways… in case you been tryna see how the title of this piece makes any actual sense n aint jussa weak ass forced attempt to incorporate the best known lyric bout Eminem not written or spat by Eminem hisself into this shit…lemme break it down for yall naysayers. Trump’s shit is white AmeriKKKa. Trump’s shit is using his platform to insult n attack muthafuckas who happen to disagree wit his “policies” n overall existence on the planet in general. Trump’s shit is using his power/influence to divide. When the legendary Marshall Bruce Cornelius Augustus Mathers III appeared on the screen during the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards son made it clear he wasnt there to offer some unbiased cornball perspective on shit n encourage muthafuckas to hold hands n respect each others differences of opinions on this coward ass racist misogynistic pathological liar ass insecure bald tangerine-hued infantile delusional senile narcissistic piece of shit. He wasnt planted there to help calm the negroes down n spit a couple hot sixteens… He wasnt there for anything else other than to break his foot off in Don Cheeto’s ass. That might really be the only thing son had on his itinerary that day forreal b…jus “Break foot off in Trump’s ass…n take rest of day off”. Anyways Ima let Hex tell it since he so eloquent n wise n shit…


Full disclosure;
I know Eminem.
I know his manager, the new Def Jam chief, Paul Rosenberg, too.
I’ve been friends with both of them for a long fucking time.
Neither of them know that I’m writing this shit, and they probably could care less.
Both of those muthafuckas are already rich.
My words can’t help or hurt them.
Keep that in mind as you read this piece.

Unless you’re dead, you know about Eminem’s freestyle during a BET “Cypher’ segment on the BET Hip Hop Awards Tuesday night, October 10th.
He Ethered Trump.
No Vaseline’d him.
Hit Trump Up.
Em Used To Love Him.
Found the Bitch In Him.
Marshall Gave Trump the Long Kiss Goodnight.
Malcolm X’d him.
Bully’d him.
Closed his Casket.

Most neophyte emcees privileged enough to participate in the BET Cyphers used their allotted time during their respective cyphers (usually shared time with at least four other rappers in varying stages of popularity) to promote themselves, as they should. For most it’s the largest platform they’ve ever had so they attempted to stick out, to be remembered, to show that they had arrived.
Well, Eminem had arrived almost 20 years ago.
He was given his own cipher, just him. In a parking lot at an undisclosed location in Detroit with about 10 black guys behind him.
Lounging against some older cars with the headlights on, I saw the current holder of the Best Rapper Alive title, Royce Da 5″9, his brother Kid Vishis, a ferocious emcee in his own right, new Griselda / Shady Records signees Conway The Machine and Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher, and battle rapper MarvWon. Not exactly a motley crew. Em had arranged an audiences of serious emcees for his performance.

First of all, let me say I love Parking Lot Em. When you see that guy in a parking structure or abandoned building you know what time it is.
Time for BARS.
Something to send other emcees back to their notebooks or smart phones shaking their heads and muttering to themselves,
totally flummoxed. “How does that white boy DO that?”
This time it was a little different.
While DJ Premier supplied the beat for the other cyphers, Em started to do his thing, a cappella. It was clear to me from the get-go that whatever Marshall Mathers was about to say he wanted heard loud and clear. The silence and absence of Preemo instantly had my attention. Marshall didn’t fuck around. From the opening line Eminem went straight at Trump’s neck. “That’s an awfully hot / coffee pot / should I drop it on Donald Trump / probably not”. It was more a rage-filled rant than a freestyle performance. Em stopped periodically as if to gather his thoughts, pacing back and forth like a caged feral animal, and then spit out another grouping of hatred filled syllables, venom dripping off every word. He needed to get this shit OUT. It was like he was full of poison and this was the only chance he had to expell it.
Muthafucka made me proud.
He touched on everything most sane people dislike about Trump, from his stupid fucking tan to the probability that he’s going to start a nuclear war while he flies high above the fray eating KFC and groping stewardesses. Eminem even weighed in on the government response to the natural disaster in Puerto Rico, the NFL anthem / flag controvetsy, and Colin Kaepernick. And even though it was a political diatribe the bars were still there. “Racism is the only THING he’s fantastic for (Fantastic 4) / because that’s how he gets his fucking rocks off and he’s orange…”

He preceeded that with this caveat which ended up being a premonition. “…except when it comes to having the balls to go against me he hides them / ’cause he ain’t got the nuts, like an empty asylum.”


He continued the roast fest, turning Trump slowly on the spit making sure that not an inch of him was uncooked. Em bounced Trump’s head off The Wall and called him a “BITCH”.
He also did the industry unthinkable; he instructed any of his fans that were also Trump supporters to see themselves out of the realm of Eminem fandom. Told them to get the fuck out, gave them the finger and said “Fuck you”.
Needless to say, Em was pissed.

Em had basically said everything I’ve ever sent to Trump in a tweets, which somehow kept ending up deleted.

You couldn’t delete this shit tho. This Eminem freestyle went beyond viral, it was on every news ticker. It transcended the internet, which Marshall “BROKE”, like Kim Kardashian’s naked ass on the cover of “PAPER” magazine a few years ago.
I personally saw Em’s bars on CNN, TMZ, local news in Detroit and all the fuck over.
He was everywhere, one of the 5 most recognizable people in the whole world, calling the Leader of
The Free World ( ‘Free World’. That’s funny on a whole different level now. Watch “8 MILE”. ) on the carpet, and calling him a “BITCH”.
And he’s white.

Everyone waited on Trump’s response with baited breath. He’s gotta say SOMETHING. Em handed him his hat on national TV and called him a “BITCH”.
We waited for Trump’s rebuttal.
…and waited.
…and waited.
…and waited.
And then…


The self-proclaimed “COUNTER PUNCHER” stayed mum.

I guess Eminem was right.
Donald Trump really doesn’t have the nuts to go at him. Em is a soothsayer.
Go figure.

I mean, when Snoop Dogg made a video dissing Trump he responded, pretty quickly. When female sports anchor and fellow Detroiter Jemele Hill called Trump a white supremacist after his debacle dealing with Charlottesville, he called for her firing. Shit, he’s still lashing out at Jemele. But at the time of this writing, he hasn’t tweeted one single cross word about Eminem.

Not one.

Well, maybe Trump is doing president shit and he doesn’t have time to deal with rappers.
I mean, Snoop is a rapper. Trump had a lot to say about him.
Trump thought Jemele Hill’s attack was unwarranted and a sneak attack, and he went after her. Went so far as to call for ESPN to fire her (they didn’t, although they did do some bullshit later. Sort of a makeup call for President Tang. )
Still nothing for Eminem.

Well, let me see…what differentiates Snoop Dogg and Jemele Hill from Marshall Mathers
Is it…naw it can’t be that…is it…MELANIN?
Snoop and Jemele have it, and Em lacks it.
Therefore Snoop Dogg and Jemele have black skin, while Slim Shady”s skin is white.
Jemele is also female, which accounts for why Trump is still lashing out at here. You know he’s got a problem with strong women. A strong BLACK woman? Trump is probably sending Seal Team
Six to her house right now.
But Marshall?
Clear sailing, not a Trump-made cloud in the sky.
Well shit, maybe Marshall has something on Trump. Maybe he has pictures of him frolicking with teenage Thai lady-boys, dumping pitchers of dead Russian hooker urine over his head. Shit I dunno.
Maybe it’s the video of Trump introducing a 2004 MTV Slim Shady performance. He rides Eminem’s nuts pretty hard in that clip. In all fairness that’s probably what the skit called for.
I have no idea what or how Eminem turned the counter -puncher into the coward-puncher. Em shut up the loudest mouth in any room.

I don’t know what Marshall has on Trump, but I think I know how he muted him.

It’s not that Trump doesn’t believe in “white on white crime”. He routinely bashes political opponents that he shares a
skin shade with.
Eminem used white privilege to dismantle white privilege. It’s like he made a black hole that started to suck itself into itself. It was like a giant snake eating it’s own tail. It was crazy, this white guy was on every station deriding the muthafucka who is the very symbol of the white privilege that affords Em the chance to be on all these platforms.
Think about it, Trump is a draft-dodging idiot with five kids by three different women and a history of sexual allegations,but who happens to be rich. There’s an audio /visual tape of him basically confirming that he sexually assaults women.
This oaf became president.
Imagine a black guy with the same exact pedigree becoming president.
Fuck no.
Eminem knows that and so does
Dumb Donald. Trump knew that if he got into a back and forth with Eminem then his white cloak (white sheet) of white privilege might unravel. Em was already tugging at it’s strings.
Trump figured if he stayed quiet then white privilege would be safe. He could keep basking in white privilege without ever admitting it exists.
His strategy has boomeranged on him. His silence proves not only the existence of white privilege which obviously makes Eminem exempt from attack, it also validates the critics who call Trump a racist bastard. He tweets at black people who insult him until his fingers bleed, but Marshall gives him both barrels unprovoked and not a peep.

Although Trump remained quiet others roared. Social media exploded with memes and taunts directed towards 45. The accolades and words of appreciation from Hip Hop luminaries flowed in via social media. Snoop, T-Pain, J. Cole, amongst others. They all expressed gratitude that Em had said what they all had thought about our behated Twittander and Twief at one time or the other. It was a lovefest, but slowly but surely here came the backlash.

I’ll call it a blacklash.

Psuedo “black power” dashiki wearing muthafuckas everywhere decided that since Em was melanin-challenged he didn’t have the right to speak for us. Since I’m talking to my people I’m going to keep it funky. Excuse my language. “N***a, I think you missed the fucking point. The white boy wasn’t speaking FOR us or TO us. He was talking to Trump, his supporters, and white people everywhere…”

This is where I’m informed that the cypher took place on BET, any white viewership would likely be at a minimum…

“Dog, don’t u think Eminem and Paul knew that shit was going to get picked up by various national news outlets? He wasn’t speaking to the BET audience, that shit was for the world’s consumption.”

Right about here is where I’m usually told ‘that Em freestyle wasn’t even dope.’

“Fam, it wasn’t meant to be dope, my n***a. That was like an angry-ass spoken word piece. It seemed to me that Em would rather have been just talking. You think that if he wanted to Em-A-Fucking-Nem couldn’t write, what, 8 bars to ummm, a More Bounce sample or whatever the fuck Preemo was playing. You think Em couldn’t drop some shit that would blow your wig back?”

Then I get ‘Em is a racist. Remember that tape he made in the early 90’s.’

Yup, I remember the tape Marshall made saying the dreaded ‘N’ word. He made a mistake. X-Clan was going hard for black people at the time, the 5% Nation was all the rage and Em was 100 white devils. He went against the grain. Truthfully do you REALLY think Eminem is a racist? Really?

Then a muthafucka will tell me,
‘O, Em wants to get political now.’

I guess you never heard ‘WHITE AMERICA’ from 2002’s THE EMINEM SHOW and 2004’s “MOSH’ from ENCORE.

‘Well, now he finally wants to speak on Trump’

I guess you haven’t heard ‘CAMPAIGN SPEECH’ from last year.

‘He’s got an album coming out. This is all a publicity stunt. He needed the airtime. Controversy sells’

Really? Eminem needs airtime?
O, ok
Controversy sells. Yeah, he did it to sell more records.
That’s why he told about 30-50% of his own fans fuck them and gave them the finger.
That’s why he did that, to bolster album sales. He also wanted to enamor himself to black fans. You know, because we buy so many records.

“Well, we have our own rappers.”

Let me know when Jay Z, Chuck D, Kendrick, J. Cole or any other black person can say the kind of shit against a white president that Eminem said
during that cypher and have it get played on a bunch of different networks, including cable news within an hour. The last time that happened was over 10 years ago, when Kanye went off-prompter and told the truth about George Bush. (Damn, I miss that Kanye) They’re not making that mistake again.

Em is using white privilege to kill white privilege and you muthafuckas are mad.

I’m confused.
You get mad because the white man is fucking over us and you get mad when a white guy tries to help us.
It’s not like he’s blatantly pandering to us, he comes from white trash, used to live in a trailer. He’s not only speaking about black issues, he’s speaking about human issues, like Trump’s dumb-ass starting a nuclear war.
Melanin doesn’t attract radiation. That’s not just a black problem. that’s a human problem.
A selfish idiot has the nuclear codes. That should be a sobering thought to everyone, not just blacks.

Look, Trump is trying to shut down any dissenting voices he hears. He is actively trying to undermine and eventually dismantle the First Amendment. Dig, the cavalry, the Buffalo Soldiers, Harriet Tubman or whoever the fuck you’re expecting ain’t coming to help us. We gotta speak up and express our thoughts while it’s still legal to speak AND to think. If a loud voice like Marshall’s speaks and his words are simpatico with ours we should help to trumpet them, not drown them out.
There’s no time for that petty shit my n***a. In any war you’re gonna need allies. Eminem showed he’s an ally. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Trump is definitely the enemy and he definitely isn’t on Eminem’s Xmas card list.

We’re all in the trenches together against this orange asshole.
I don’t give a fuck what color the guy next to me is as long as he’s fighting the good fight.

Eminem shot a metaphorical scud missile at the White House and I’m here for it.
Salute to Em and anyone else of any color that’s down to speak against this retard.

Fuck rap and that cypher, this is real life.
We’re behind enemy lines, dog.

  1. Scruffy Sac Reply

    Ain’t that the truth, Ruth!!

  2. anno Reply

    Let’s get this straight: Donald Trump is acting like an obnoxious asshole for shock value. The more people discuss him and hate him, the more relevant he is. So when he goes out and says extremely racist shit, it’s because he likes to spark debate.

    So when Eminem is making a viral freestyle dissing him, he is essentially just doing what Donald Trump wants us to do.

    And that’s why I can’t take this shit serious, because Eminem is up there, angry ass hell, thinking he is doing the world a favour and hurting Trump, when really he is playing himself and everyone against Trump.

    I agree with the message but it’s cringey because it shows that he, as any other ignorant consumer, has bought into the bullshit and he is now making a fool of himself

  3. Prince gorgeous Reply

    It’s past your bedtime
    Everybody out past twelve is gettin stuck
    We don’t give a f***!
    Close ya doors, close ya windows, we climb balconies
    To make it in this street monopoly

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October 9, 2017

Trumplestilskin is at it again.
Donald Trump.
Donald J. Trump.
The Donald.

Have u ever noticed how many words that begin with the letter “D” describe Trump?

Donald, Demagogue, Dumb-ass, Dickhead, Dullard, Divider, Disrespectful, Disaster, Deflector, Delusional, Draft Dodger, Dimwit, Dictator, Disgrace, Doofus, Devil, Degenerate, Disingenuous, Dotard.

There are probably plenty more, those are just off the top of my head. One word that really sticks out is “DIVIDER”. Throughout your whole life you’ve heard the phrase ‘DIVIDE & CONQUER’. That’s exactly what Trump is attempting to do. He operates in this gray area, poking, prodding. Trying to hit the right nerve so that he can pluck it and pull it until you see things his way. He’ll iritate that nerve til it’s red and raw, and then make you think he’s the only one that can soothe it. Of course he can heal it, he’s the one fucking with it in the first place.

That’s what Trump does.

He creates problems then convinces his dumb-ass base that only he can solve them. He attacked the First Amendment and the media with his “Fake News” campaign. Everything is “Fake News”; ABC, MSNBC, CNN. Everything except FOHX, (State Run TV, like they’ve got in North Korea) which primarily speaks glowingly about this dingleberry (there’s another one). Except Shep Smith, I fuck with Shep Smith. He tells the truth about Trump, and we know how much Trump hates the truth.
The truth needs no support, it magnifies his lies and holds a mirror up to Trump’s stupid face. He attacks it daily. Now he’s attacking one of Amerikkka’s institutions.


Recently Trump put his idiot foot in his mouth again. At a rally for now defeated Senate candidate Luther Strange in Alabama, Trump went off prompter again. He called for NFL owners to fire players who kneel in protest during the national anthem. He also called them “Sons-Of-Bitches”.

At the time there were only about 9 NFL players (all black) actively kneeling or sitting. The protests, which were started by current free agent QB Colin Kaepernick in 2016 when he played for the San Francisco 49ers, were slowly dwindling, along with the hopes for a Kaepernick comeback. Stupid ass Trump pulled out his dog-whistle deep in the heart of Dixie, and revived the whole shit.

Trump, the great
race-baiter, may have said “Son’s Of Bitches”, but his dog-whistle translated that to “Niggers”.
The NFL owners raised their collective eyebrows. You can do a lot of shit but you can’t tell rich as fuck white people what to do, and that’s exactly what Trump did. By saying that the owners should fire any player kneeling, Trump got in their business. A lot of those owners donated money to Trump’s campaign, too. Well, rich white people can’t fuck with people as rich or richer than them. The owners got to writing letters, sending out press releases, kneeling and locking arms with their players like a muthafucka.

The owners.

The same people who won’t hire Colin Kaepernick we’re acting like they were 21st century Martin Luther Kings. And Kaepernick’s whole message got lost. It was never about the flag or the anthem. It’s about oppression, inequality, and injustices in this country being perpetrated upon people of color. Trump tried to muddle the water and make it an issue of patriotism. He wants to rile his base and start a culture war. First he rails at the media and Hollywood, now he starts on the NFL. The NFL players weren’t the only sports stars in Trump’s crosshairs. Trump went after NBA superstar Steph Curry after Curry said that he didn’t think he was going to visit the White House with his world champion Golden State Warriors. Trump’s Twitter fingers jumped into action immediately. Just like the petulant child he is he rescinded his invitation to Curry over Twitter and provoked a swift reaction.

All-World NBA SuperDuperStar LeBron James referred to Trump as a “BUM” and pointed out that Curry didn’t want to go to the White House anyway. Other sports figures chimed in, as did the dreaded Black Twitter. They drug Trump from Detroit to Dubai. The Warriors decided that they would still go to D.C., just not to the White House. I hope they go to Barack and Michelle Obama’s crib and have a cookout. Slows BBQ can cater it but Patti LaBelle can make the pies and DJ D-Nice can provide the sounds.

Of course Trump couldn’t let anyone get the last word on him. He continued his tirade, praising the NHL’s all white championship team, The Pittsburgh Penguins, who restated their intention to go to the White House. That wasn’t it, Trump also touted the patriotism of majority white motor sports league NASCAR, although I seem to see them flying a lot more Confederate flags than Anerikkkan.

# Methinks doth protest too much

It seems like months ago that ESPN anchor Jemele Hill called Trump a white supremacist on her Twitter feed and the White House called for her firing. It was actually only a couple weeks ago, but it’s been over-shadowed, placed in the rear-view mirror when Trump decided to attack black athletes and call for their firing. So look at the facts. Two different instances with two similarities. Jemele Hill and the athletes taking a knee were all black, and they were all exercising their first amendment rights. Trump hates the first amendment because it allows people to criticize him and to ultimately tell the truth about him. He likes to create his own reality and drive his own narrative. He spins a web of lies then hunkers down in the middle of them and waits for you to get caught up. Of course Trump says that there’s no racial component to any of this shit. Jemele, the NFL players and Steph Curry all just happen to be black.
It’s all a coincidence.
Besides, this is about disrespecting the flag, not about anything race related.
The draft dodger is suddenly so patriotic. The Great Distractor is at it again. You would be well served to find out what he’s trying to distract you FROM. It could be his loss at trying to repeal and replace Obamacare, his terrible response to the devastation in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria, or maybe it’s his cabinet Secretaries using private jets like taxis at the tax payers expense. His assault on the NFL and the first amendment is actually paying dividends for him though. He has successfully changed the narrative. What was originally peaceful kneeling during the anthem to bring awareness to police brutality against people of color has morphed into a mishmash of some teams linking arms, kneeling, kneeling then standing and linking arms, putting up the black power salute and refusing to come out for the singing of the anthem at all. It’s become a referendum on Trump. Let me just say, that linking arms shit means exactly nothing.

It’s a joke.

Aaron Rodgers tried to implore Green Bay Packers fans to join the team and link arms in the stands in a show of solidarity against Trump’s divisiveness. A lot of those fans chose not to join arms, so that should tell you all you need to know about Amerikkka.
They don’t want to unify, they want us to bow to them.

Fuck that.

That ‘linking arms’ bullshit really pisses me off anyway, so does that kneeling before then standing during the anthem.
That’s pointless.
That’s some other shit, that’s not Kaepernick’s protest.
If you aren’t kneeling DURING the anthem you may as well be standing at attention, hand over your heart, singing the third verse at the top of your lungs. As for those black players that just started kneeling, especially those that were critical of Kaepernick, it’s a shame that they care more about their owner’s money and white pride than they do about black blood.

Sports Illustrated had a recent cover that photoshopped sports figures like LeBron James, Steph Curry, Michael Bennett and others linking arms with Golden State coach Steve Kerr and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. You know who wasn’t on that cover?
Colin Kaepernick.
The guy who started all of this shit.
Was he forgotten or purposely omitted?
It really doesn’t matter, either answer is a fucking travesty. What kills me is people saying that protestors shouldn’t be allowed to protest during the National Anthem.


Allowed to protest?

That’s fucking crazy.

Think about it; people actually trying to dictate when it’s ok for someone to protest.


They only want protests when they’re comfortable with it.

Maybe Kaepernick should have protested in the bathroom, with the door shut.
Protests are supposed to make people uncomfortable. They’re supposed to be like nails on a fucking chalkboard.
Maybe Rosa Parks should have waited and sat on another bus with a driver that might have felt more comfortable with her in a front seat.

Maybe those kids that sat at those ‘whites only’ Woolworth lunch counters in 1960 and refused to move should have done those midday protests at night, right before closing.
When nobody was there but the dishwasher and one waitress.

Maybe Martin Luther King should have waited til the sheriffs in Alabama gave him the OK to march.

I say this all the time, Colin Kaepernick is going to be on the right side of history. He’s transcended football, he’s headed toward cultural icon.

Jay Z performed with Damian Marley on the premiere of Saturday Night Live ( where comedian Michael Che had some choice words for Trump) and made three profound statements.
First the fact that he did SNL at all after thumbing his nose at the NFL when they approached him to perform at the Superbowl in 2018. Second, there was a Rasta on stage with Jay and Jr.Gong waving a Puerto Rican flag, showing support for the U.S. territory and the victims of the hurricane. Thirdly, he took the stage in a custom made black number 7 Nike football jersey with the name “COLIN K” on the back. A not so subtle show of support for our hero, Colin Kaepernick, and sure to whip Trump and FOHX News into a frenzy.

Point made, message received loud and clear, Jay Z.
The sports leagues are scrambling. The NFL is catching backlash as some of their teams’ season ticket holders demand refunds. The
NBA tried to nip that shit in the bud.

Commissioner Adam Silver sent the players a memo reminding them that the National Basketball Association has a policy that all players stand for the National Anthem. In a perfect world the players would send Silver a memo back that would remind him to get these nuts.
Also I want to say that Adam Silver looks like fucking Gollum from The Lord Of The Rings. The fact is that although the NFL”s players are 70% black their money isn’t guaranteed, they could be cut at any time and there goes their income. That’s unlike NBA players who have guaranteed contracts. The NBA is also 295% black so we’ll see what happens when the season starts. With outspoken ballers like LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony something is sure to happen. They gotta be careful of fucking up their endorsements, tho.
I don’t expect a full-blown revolt but I do anticipate some sort of league-wide demonstration in the spirit of Colin’s protest.

Listen, maybe it’s unfair to put the weight of the world on the shoulders of athletes. Maybe they don’t give a fuck about any of this shit and they just want to play their respective sport, cash their check and go home.
Well that’s too fucking bad.
They may not want to be role models and de facto freedom fighters but they ARE.
While some fans want them to just “Shut up and play football”, and proclaim that they’re “too rich to be oppressed”, those are the exact reasons they should speak out. A lot of these guys come from impoverished areas and were “at risk” youth, just like the kids bad police use for target practice with impunity. If they’re aware of it, they have a duty to shine a spotlight on injustice in our communities, whether they want to or not.
Far be it from me to ask these men to lose their livelihoods for any protest. It looks more and more like Kaepernick already fell on that sword. I don’t look for a player’s strike to bring the NFL and NBA to their knees. I know that these players are contractually obligated to play their sport. They’re going to play regardless of all the oppression and injustice protests. However, some people perceive it as a protest of Amerikkka and the flag. This is probably their worst nightmare.

# Amerikkka the beautiful

Alright, quick history lesson. I’ve said this shit before. Amerikkkan flag adopted in 1777, Star Spangled Banner written in 1814, includes some not so inclusive language.
A lot of black people were working unpaid internships back then.


Amerikkkan’s are supposed to love the flag, the anthem, apple pie, baseball, boobs and guns.

But do you know what Amerikkkans really, really, REALLY love? They love winning and they love chanting
“U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!!”
What better way to combine both of Amerikkkans favorite things than to watch the World Games and the Olympics?
Chant til your hearts content.
Watch as athletes step up on the winners podium again and again. Athletes clad in Amerikkka’s colors.
Black athletes.

Now imagine that there were no black athletes participating.

Remember how Cassius Clay threw his 1960 Olympic gold medal in the river because winning it had changed nothing? Remember in 1968 how John Carlos and Tommie Smith raised their black-gloved fists in the air from the winner’s podium in Mexico City?
Some profound statements, wouldn’t you say? How profound of a statement would it be if all black athletes boycotted Team USA?
No Simones, no Gabby, no Allyson. No Dalilah Muhammad, no men or women’s relay track teams.
How much podium stepping would Amerikkka be doing? What would they win?

Male swimming?


They sure as fuck wouldn’t win any track events.

No black sprinters doing victory laps draped in your precious flag.


Meet your new U.S. national team.
Gordon Hayward, Chandler Parsons, Kevin Love, Kyle Korver, J.J. Redick, Kirk Hinrich, Ryan Anderson, Doug McDermott, Jimmer Fredette, Luke Kennard, and Grayson Allen.

A good squad but not exactly LeBron and company. You’re looking at about a fourth or fifth place finish in international play.
“U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!!”
See people who chant that shit love what black sweat can get them but turn a blind eye when black blood is spilled.

Black basketball players make enough money at their day job that they can arrange a psuedo-boycott of USA Basketball and leave Coach K with a melanin-challenged squad.
That could happen.
The Olympics and World Games is a bit trickier for athletes in other sports.
Look, I get it.
The Olympics only comes around every four years and you have a short window to participate. Most people get to be in one, maybe two Olympics. Athletes make sacrifices and work towards the Olympics at an early age, it would be hard to expect someone who has been training since 6 years old to forgo their opportunity at Olympic glory. Plus a protest would be like the kiss of death as far as sponsors, endorsements, and commercials are concerned. No Nike, Adidas, Puma, Wheaties or Gatorade. No TMobile, Sprint, Chevrolet, Ford et al. They would basically reduced to just a muthafucka who can run fast.
I get it tho, that shit won’t happen.
That’s how these folks get their money, and I don’t begrudge them.
I just don’t understand competing to bring gold to a country that doesn’t give a fuck about you, especially with this asshole at the helm.
It has parallels to slavery to me.
Our ancestors were stolen and brought TO this country, some ran from slaveowners IN this country, now some of us run FOR this country?


So, where do we go from here?
I’ll tell you one thing, don’t hold your breath for the impeachment of the Hate Pumpkin. Mueller’s investigation is taking so fucking long that Trump’s term will probably be damn near up by the time he’s ready to indict. Trump will have already fucked up the world good by then.
Now, as for the NFL protests, they’ll get smaller and smaller. The owners are already trying to quash them quietly, behind the scenes. Like Martha Ford, owner of my beloved Detroit Lions. Old Marth Vader has offered her financial support for causes the players deem important, as long as they don’t kneel during the anthem. Two Lions knelt anyway. (Fight the power brothers!) I think Kaepernick’s old team the San Francisco 49ers had the best demonstration. Those who wanted to kneel during the anthem, knelt. Those who wanted to stand stood behind them. Beautiful.
I’m going to ignore the fact that they could have done that while Kaep was ON the team, but whatever.
I’m partial to a good kneel down, but there’s something to be said for a standing black power salute, too.
How are the
anthem-lovers gonna be mad at that?
The players are standing, right? In a perfect world I would want every black player to kneel, I would want every player who’s against injustice and oppression to wear one black glove during the game.
We gotta be honest, this isn’t about some red, white, and blue piece of cloth, or some old-ass song with some racist lyrics in a hidden verse. This is about rich black men exercising their first amendment rights, taking the $100 bill gags off their mouths. This is about black men not doing what their told. Let me speak plainly, this is white people mad because they feel that the slaves done got uppity. They can’t say that, so Trump comes up with this flag bullshit to hide behind. You know what’s really disrespectful to the American flag? The Nazi swastika and the Confederate flag.
Call the muthafuckas who covet those symbols

# The wrap up

The Tennessee Titans dropped the ball. Their starting QB Marcus Mariota got hurt.
They signed Brandon Fucking Weeden.
The Titans didn’t even call Kaepernick in to work out.
Oakland QB David Carr has a fracture in his back, he’s out a couple of weeks.
Hey Raiders, Kaep’s waiting on your call.
They’re probably going to try to use the tragedy in Las Vegas to try and make all the players stand for the anthem, for the victims.

The irony.

Trying to hamper the exercising of first amendment rights to mourn victims of flawed second amendment rights.

What a time to be alive.

P.S. Jemele Hill was correct.


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August 8, 2016

Ayo whattup its the mighty benevolent honorable Big Ghost aka the illustrious Cocaine Biceps aka the world renowned Thor Molecules aka Bandana Guitars aka Shampoo Bracelets the panty melter aka Galaxy Knuckles aka Lamborghini Saxophones n all that back up in this muthafucka one more time. I thought you knew…but you aint kno… As you can see I aint really been doin too much postin on this here site over the past year n change namsayin. I been focused on tryna bless the culture from a more musical standpoint instead of jus shittin on muthafuckas for turnin hip hop into a platform for cats wit purple n red wigs n aerobics outfits on to defile the art form n insult the intelligence of the entire human race namsayin. Thats the algorithms the god is on right now b. So I figured it might be a not so terrible idea to let my dog n fellow chancellor of academia Ironside Hex aka Kielbasa Tejano aka Mushroom Disco aka Skechers Papi do his thing on here today since he really really think he somebody special namsayin. So here he is back like syphilis wit his political pundit observations n criticisms of humankind n whatever. But yo… Hex really broke out the monocle for this one b. If you kno Hex n try to picture that you already kno how crazy that shit is namsayin. This is for the thinkers b. This for muthafucaks who keep they braincells percolatin. But yo if you aint sophisticated n intelligent enough to wanna ponder some fly shit this aint for you muthafucka. Aight peep the fly shit…



People are stupid.

Before you read another word you will have to come to terms with that fact.

I’m gonna use that word A LOT.

People are inherently stupid.

This election cycle proves that more than any other in my lifetime.
It brings the stupid out of folks. Katrina Pierson, Boris Ephstyn ( I know that’s not how you spell his name but I don’t give a fuck ), Jeffery Lord, Paul Manafort, Kayleigh Mcenany, Scottie Neil Hughes, Dr.Ben Carson, Carl Higbie, Mark Brown, Darrell Scott, Corey Lewandowski, Jeff Sessions, Omarosa, Jan Brewer etc.

They’ve got two things in common;

1. These are brilliant people.

2. They work for or support the Trump campaign which has pulled every ounce of stupid out of them & brought it to the forefront.

Trust me when I say that there is nothing I enjoy more than watching a Trump surrogate or supporter twist themselves into a pretzel on CNN trying to defend some dumb shit Trump has said. It’s kind of frustrating but fun to watch them lie, feign ignorance, & try to deflect questions.


“Mr.Trump said, ‘I AM GOD’. Thoughts?”

TRUMP SURROGATE: “Let’s talk about the REAL issue here, Hillary Clinton’s emails.”


Watching reasonably bright people try to defend the ramblings of an idiot is comical too.

TRUMP: “I can walk on water & not get wet.”

CNN ANCHOR: “Mr.Trump said that he ‘can walk on water & not get wet’. Thoughts?”

TRUMP SURROGATE: “Let’s talk about the REAL issue here, Hillary Clinton’s emails.”

Still stupid.

I can’t even list all of the dumb shit Trump has said, it’s too fucking much. Recently he did an interview & said that Putin wasn’t going to go into the Ukraine. When the interviewer informed him that Putin had already invaded Ukraine Trump tried to say he meant that if he was president Putin wouldn’t fuck with Ukraine. No idiot, we heard you the first time. He ran to Twitter as usual & tried to clean it up. Too late. Trump doesn’t wanna be the President, he wants to be the Twitterdent.


This feud between Trump & the Khan family is beyond stupid. The immigrant Muslim parents of Army Captain Humayan Khan who was killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq, appeared on stage at the Democratic National Convention in Philly. This is a Gold Star family, a family whose son or daughter has made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.
The father gave a rousing speech in broken yet articulate English, about Trump’s stance on Muslim immigration. his wife & the mother of Captain Khan standing silently by his side. At the conclusion of his speech Mr.Khan told Trump that he had “sacrificed nothing” & offered Trump his copy of the U.S. Constitution to read.

The shit hit the fan.

Of course the Twittander & Twief jumped on Twitter & started mashing those keys, pounding out some bullshit. He actually accused Mr.Khan of “viciously attacking” him, of being a political operative & pawn of the Clinton campaign, & of politicizing his son’s death. That’s sorta funny because a week before he had Patricia Smith, the mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith, on stage at the Republican National Convention tearing Hillary Clinton a new one, DEFINITELY politicizing her son’s death. Let’s be clear, “War is the continuation of politics by other means”, so any war related death is political, just as a death at a clandestine foreign outpost is. Trump is a fucking idiot. I just wrote that here because that’s what I was thinking. Trump also intoned that maybe the mother didn’t speak because her Muslim faith wouldn’t allow her to.


What a fucking idiot.

There’s an overflow of so much stupidity every time he opens his mouth. From encouraging violence at his rallies & offering to pay for any legal fees the participants may incur, to calling a U.S. federal judge who was born in Indiana a “Mexican” & saying that he couldn’t be impartial or perform his duties due to his Mexican heritage. “The very definition of racism”, said Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, one of Trump’s fellow Republicans. More on his dumb-ass later.
Trump is just incredibly stupid.
He tried to say some goofy shit about the Democratic candidate for Vice President Tim Kaine, citing all of New Jersey’s failures & shortcomings under his leadership as governor. That’s cool, candidates always criticize each other during campaigns, it’s to be expected. The only thing is, Tim Kaine was governor of VIRGINIA. Trump’s pal ( personal ass licker ) Chris Christie is governor of New Jersey.

What else did this dumb muthafucka do… Oh yeah. How about when he mocked a disabled reporter, or when he called Mexicans rapists, or when he said “I know more about Isis than the generals do, believe me.”

Believe me, indeed.


Some people do believe him. Some probably probably think that he knows more about Isis than al-Baghdadi. You know what we call people who believe Trump?


I wonder when was the last time he went to church before he began running for president. I wonder if he can quote “two Corinthians”? If you’re an evangelical & you believe Trump is a God-fearing man?

You’re stupid.

You believe that a man who procured FIVE deferments for the Vietnam War ( & lied about watching the draft numbers being called from his college dorm room ) is going to save you from Isis? A guy who let other guys die in his place in Vietnam. If you think a bully & a coward is going to protect you?

You’re stupid.

You think a person that makes all his products in other countries is gonna suddenly move all of his interests back to Amerikkka & give you a job, or make all the other companies that left Amerikka come back & employ you?
You’re stupid.
You think a man that praises Vladimir Putin, leader of our arch-enemy Russia & Kim JongUn, the psychotic leader of North Korea really has Amerikkka’s best interest & security in mind?

You’re stupid.

If you have endorsed Trump but you constantly have to refute his asinine comments but refuse to rescind your endorsement…then guess what?
You’re stupid. ( I’m looking at you Paul Ryan / Mitch McConnell )
Let me say that I’m REALLY disappointed in these two. They aren’t exactly at the level of dick-sucking that we watched Chris Christie sink to but they still know how much of an ass Trump is & they still endorse him.

If u get fired by Trump & you continue to kiss his ass like Corey Lewandowski, you know what you are?

You’re stupid.

Trump wants to build a wall on the U.S. / Mexico border. He plans on making the Mexican government pay for it. Mexico’s president has already said that there is “NO WAY” that they would pay for such a wall which would cost at least 12 billion USD to construct. A ladder only costs about 75 bucks. If you think that
Trump would ever be able to build that wall at Mexico’s expense…

Eres estúpido.

Trump has made no? bones about trying to “Make Amerikkka’s Great Again” which is basically a dog whistle that means let’s take it back to the ’50s. I dunno if it’s 1850 or 1950 but I don’t wanna go back to either. I don’t wanna be a fucking slave & have you ever seen any black people on LEAVE IT TO BEAVER? Me neither. I don’t know what in the fuck these muthafuckas are thinking. The main boot-lickers are Mark Burns, Darrell Scott, Sheriff Clarke,
Dr.BenCarson, Omarosa, & those two jigaboos Diamond & Silk.

Either one of these coons would snitch on Harriet Tubman & they are not to be trusted by anybody black. I’m pretty sure that Clarke, Scott & Burns think that they’re white & probably have white wives & kids named “Colt” & “Becky”.

If you’re black & you support Trump….wait for it…
You’re a fucking idiot.

If you go on CNN & attempt to slander Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton & blame them for Captain Khan’s death, you should probably check to see who was president when he died. It was 2004, Bush was president.

Katrina Pierson…

You’re stupid.

If you stand up & tell reporters that Melania Trump didn’t plagiarize parts of her RNC speech from Michelle Obama after we all saw the comparison video…

You’re stupid. ( I’m looking at u Paul Manafort )

If you want to give the nuclear codes to a nimrod that didn’t even know what the nuclear triad was ( even I know what the nuclear triad is & I’m dumb as a dead brick. Submarines, bombers, & ICBM’s )…

You’re stupid.

If you leave tax reform up to a tax cheat who won’t release his taxes…

You’re stupid.

Think about this.
The Great God of the GOP, Ronald Reagan, gave his first post nomination speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi where three civil rights workers had been murdered in 1964. He didn’t talk about black & white unity, but rather about “states rights”. Dog whistle. He’s also buried at his library in Simi Valley, CA. where the officers who beat Rodney King were tried & acquitted, thus sparking the LA riots of 92.
If you think that Trump is an anomaly & his rhetoric isn’t an accurate reflection of the Republican party…

You’re stupid.
If you wear one of those dumb-ass “MAKE AMERIKKA GREAT AGAIN” hats you know how you look?


If you don’t catch my theme, then you’re stupid as fuck.

Everything Trump has done is idiotic. Do u really want to put an orange demagogue into the White House?


Trump doesn’t even want to be President, he just wants to win. He has no? idea how to BE president. This dunce would cause an international incident everytime he opened his ridiculous mouth.

So fucking stupid.

What really pisses me off is how the Trump campaign tries to make us the stupid ones. Trump will say or do something incredibly stupid & you’re like, “I SAW THAT!”, then Trump’s campaign says, “NO? YOU DIDN’T”. They try to pull a Jedi mind trick on you.

Just insult the fuck out of your intelligence.


Trump doesn’t have a monopoly on stupidity, tho. He has his own special brand of it to be sure, but it isn’t his & his alone.

Democrats do stupid shit too.

These email incidents are fucking ridiculous. From Hillary using private email servers & sending & receiving classified information, to the Russians hacking into the DNC’s emails.

Wikileaks released them resulting in DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepping down & three other officials resigning with more to come. The leaked emails showed the DNC actively working against one of their own candidates, Bernie Sanders, discussing ways to slander him, including using his religion. Basically the DNC got exposed for doing the type of shit we thought only Republicans did. Why did they actually write that type of shit down & send it in an electronic transmission? Democrats need to start using smoke signals or something.


Dems also have an optics problem. Why in the fuck would Bill Clinton get off of his plane, walk across the tarmac to board another plane & go kick the willie-bo-bo with Loretta Lynch, the attorney general of the United States? The lady who makes the final decision on whether or not your wife Hillary gets indicted for her email scandal? Yeah, Bill & A.G. Lynch supposedly talked about golf & grand kids. Yeah, whatever. I don’t care if they talked about the God particle or the lyrics to “HIT EM UP”. The shit LOOKED bad. Why the fuck would Bill go talk to her?


(Side note, Hillary didn’t get indicted. Go figure.)

Now this shit about Amerikkka sending Iran $400 mil in assorted currency at the same time that Iran released four Amerikkkan hostages.
This shit is actually more complicated than it looks.

First of all, this is Iran’s own money that Amerikka has had since the 70’s for an arm’s deal that fell apart after the Shah was overthrown. This payment was a side deal of the larger Iran nuclear deal. It was kind of like, “ok, we’ll do the deal, but we need a sweetener. How about that 400 mil ya’ll owe us from ’79?”
The hostage release talks had already been underway on a separate track from this deal but Iran didn’t release them until the money was on the ground.
I know, I know, it looks like ransom money. I don’t know what actually happened & I don’t profess to know. I just know that the optics are fucking terrible. To be fair tho the Iranians could have purposely made it look like a ransom payment to create a certain narrative favorable to them. It’s feasible. They have done something like I t before. In 1981 they released 52 Amerikkan hostages as soon as Ronald Reagan was inaugurated. Although President Carter’s administration had done all the legwork the Republican narrative was that the Iranians so feared Reagan that they released the hostages. Bullshit. If they wanna take ownership of that they gotta own the release of the 11-12 billion dollars of Iran’s assets that was frozen when Iran seized the Amerikkkan embassy in 1979 during the Shah’s removal. The release of the hostages coincided with Reagan’s inauguration b/c Iran didn’t want to start the negotiation process over again with a new administration. So, hostages home, no muss no fuss with the Reagan administration, & a few years later, voila!

So, both hostage releases involved shit that occurred in the ’70’s. & money that already belonged to Iran. The difference is the narrative. The GOP wants to own the actual release of the hostages without mentioning the 11-12 billion that Iran was given back to ensure their freedom. But the optics look good for Republicans, Iran releases the hostages as soon as mighty Reagan is elected!
A lot of bullshit, smoke, mirrors & omitting the truth.
So with all that said, although it’s all in how you frame the facts this 400 mil looks like a ransom.


For Hillary to do a damn interview & say that FBI director Comey found her to have been truthful during his investigation into her emails is a goddamn lie. We heard what Comey said, & it wasn’t that Hillary was honest as George Washington.
Telling that lie was…


Look, Hillary Clinton has been in politics her whole adult life. Of course she lies.

They all lie. It’s what they do.
Don’t act surprised or act indignant.

That brings me to all the non-voters, Bernie or Bust-ers. & third / fourth party voters.
I have to be careful right here because I have a lot of respect for a muthafucka who sticks to their guns. However, this ain’t the election to try & make a point. Now, if you don’t care who wins between Trump & Hillary then by all means do your thug-thizzle. Don’t vote.
Vote for Santa Claus, fuck it.
I know it’s hard for some Bernie people to fathom voting for Clinton. A dude gave me an analogy, “if someone stole your car would you put gas in it for him?” I responded, “fuck yeah, if he was driving me away from someone trying to kill me!”
I know, I know.
“Voting is a scam!”, “the system is rigged!”, “Illuminati!”, “Rothschilds!”, “Bilderberg Group!”, “New World Order!”, and all that other Alex Jones shit.

I don’t give a fuck.

I’m voting just in case this voting shit is real. I have my doubts but at least I’ll be able to look my kids in the face.
I tried to stop the tangerine colored muthafucka.

I just don’t understand people voting for a person who they know has absolutely no chance to win. None. If you don’t want Trump to win you have to hold your nose & vote for Clinton. Neither Dr.Stein or Gary Johnson have a chance to become president. Not a fucking chance. Its like its the Broncos versus the Panthers in the Superbowl & you’re betting on m the Cleveland Browns. We’ve seen this movie before. Remember 2000 when Ralph Nader fucked up the election for Al Gore & gave us George “Devil #2” Bush? Or in 1991 when Ross Perot shit on Bush 41? At least we got Bill out of that one. Or when George Wallace handed Nixon the presidency from Humphrey in 1968? I think there are some more but I’m too lazy to look. You get my drift? All a third or fourth party can do is spoil some shit & we can’t guarantee that the bad guy will lose.

I get it tho. You want to vote for someone who you’re proud to say that you cast your ballot for.
That shit is stupid.

Fuck that. This is real life.

If you really care about this country you’ll vote for whoever has the best chance of beating Trump. I wouldn’t care if Hillary Clinton shot both of my kids in the face in the middle of the street, I would still vote for her over Trump.
This is an either / or choice. This isn’t a multiple choice test, this is a TRUE or FALSE test ( or a FALSE & FALSE test ). I promise you, in 2020 as long as Trump isn’t running for president I’m with ya’ll. I’ll vote for Bugs Bunny, D.B. Cooper, Tupac, whoever ya’ll want. I fully agree that we need a third party, maybe even a fourth, but this ain’t the year for that shit. Trump gotta go. Fuck all that idealistic hippie shit & running around wearing Guy Fawkes masks, lighting firecrackers & calling it a revolution. If you’re not Mr.Robot or a member of Anonymous trying to actively dismantle the system then you’re just a person pissed that your candidate didn’t win & trying to fuck it up for everyone else. Trump is reckless bordering on psychotic. He doesn’t understand working for the people. He wants to rule the people. Trump wants to set up a quasi-royal family complete with himself as King of Amerikkka & his sons & daughters as princes & princesses. Look at how he talks about himself in the third person. He’s a world class narcissist who thinks that other people exist just to serve him. We can’t let a man like that anywhere near the nuclear codes. If you still can’t bring yourself to pull that lever for Clinton think about the Supreme Court. Scalia is finally dead & we don’t need the King of Assholes appointing 2 or more justices just like him & shaping the country for the next 20+ years. They’ll be ruling on challenges concerning both civil rights & a woman’s right to choose. Trump will be dead & gone & his stench will still linger behind, suffocating the fuck out of us for years to come. Look, I’ve got two daughters. Two black females, one who happens to be gay. I don’t want a Republican anywhere near the White House, especially a Know-Nothing Know-It-All like Trump.
I hated George W. Bush but he never made me want to leave the damn country. I’m trying to learn the fucking words to “O CANADA” right now. I’m actually proud of the Bushes for saying “FUCK TRUMP” & skipping the RNC. Ditto for Lindsey Graham & John Kasich. I’d usually say “FUCK THEM” but those boys done good this time around. I’ve had my own love-hate relationship with Amerikkka over the years, but I’ve never been embarrassed to be from here before.
Now I’m fucking ashamed.
Even if Trump loses the fact that there are actually people here who believe in his stupidity makes me want to get the fuck out of here. I don’t wanna be around anyone who is that poorly educated that they believe Trump.

Even some Republicans know that Trump’s a damn clown. A fucking carnival barker. Naw, even worse. Someone told me on Twitter that he’s like the clown in the dunk tank who insults everybody that walks by. Agitating them until they either shell out a few bucks to try & dunk his dumb-ass or leave.

Still not convinced?

Don’t think about it as voting FOR Hillary, think of it as voting AGAINST Trump.
There’s more here at stake than having another Clinton in the White House.

We have to keep Trump out.

Don’t be stupid.



@ironsidehex Twtr
@ironside.hex IG


  1. Musa Reply

    Dope ish. I disagree with the voting perspective. We can only go downhill at this juncture in America. Hell…we’re getting shot down in the streets. It can’t get worse unless they decide to fire up the ovens and we’ve spent our gun and ammo money on Jordan’s and candy paint for our Impala. I believe that thrusting us back into the 50’s (1850 or 1950) will shock us back into the reality that prevails; we are prisoners of war and those of those that are trying to find a comfortable spot in the concentration camp will see that even that is an exercise in futility.

  2. Edward-Mekondjo Nailenge Reply

    If only some of them Trump loving assholes would actually read this. Or those Stein voters.

  3. Bobby danson Reply

    Yo it’s me master bottle neck aka sun wukong the king of the monkey gods aka hammer hands aka bobby dazxler danson. Appreciate the post man, trump is a bit of a dick!

  4. Domitrix Reply

    Okay, so… let me begin by saying I agree completely. Thing is… it isn’t a matter of whether I agree or not, or whether I back this or not out of my own bias, but I mean come on people, there are standards of how we should act towards one another. Standards that we’ve developed as a society that, more importantly, we’ve overcome over the course of the past 60-70 years. We’ve watched a new dawn unfold where we’ve generally evolved into learning the foundation of how to treat one another, what to expect of one another, what to assume and not assume… We’ve come so far to be victims to this regression. Why are we taking steps back? More importantly, why are we allowing to be forced back into a lesser time? Yes. A lesser time. Don’t you understand that as great as America is, it always becomes better the more time passes?

    There is no such thing as making America Great Again, because America Gets Greater. Period. There’s no time greater than the present. That’s just fact by now, isn’t it?

    Mufuckas said everybody was equal, and they had slaves. We put a stop to that. Mufuckas wanted to rule us with religion, and although there’s still a heavy influence of it, many people have abandoned religion and replaced it with SPIRIT. Which is what we all need. Mufuckas want to dictate what you do in your bedroom with another person of the same sex. We put a stop to that. We’re people, we’re humans, why in the actual fuck are we allowing such divisive protocol to engulf our cognition, man!

    This fucking demon says Mexicans are rapists, and that Muslims are terrorists… THE DETAILS ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. What we need to understand is that there is no philosopher’s stone, there is no holy grail. This orange mufucka isn’t just gonna pop on camera one day and start pouring out his plans to fix everything. Because he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know, people. And claiming that you know how to fix the problem, without even understanding the problem, is a crap in a barrel. I feel that there are two Trump supporters. Those that are closet racists and bigots, and those that just feel that maybe… MAYBE.. If I believe in this guy hard enough, and support him, and vote for him, MAYBE… he’ll really fix everything like he says he will.

    You REALLY want to gamble like that?… Son, son, everything up to this fuckin’ point in time has led you believe that patterns lead to a certain action. An educated guess of what is bound to happen next. The tests you took in school were for this shit right here… Making sure you don’t make the wrong fucking choice. Fuck Hilary too, I ain’t even trying to isolate Trump, but Hilary’s criminal activities ain’t got nothin’ to do with possibly half your family getting ousted for no damn reason.

    Open your eyes fam! Being gay is fine, being a minority is fine, the whole gender fluid issue is a little touchy (no pun intended), but even that still has its realizations. We keep focusing on preventing or not accepting shit that makes no sense for us to even converse over this late in the game. We’re far too progressive as a society to be bickering ‘bout little shit like this. We’re far too progressive as a society to be allowing shit like Trump to even remotely have a probably chance.

    If you think Trump will change anything for the better, based on both his record and his claims, you’re stupid… Like, I can’t even muster how the fuck ya’ll haven’t been picked off by natural selection type shit. And if you’re well aware of his undertones over racism, prejudice, temperament and corruption, and support or excuse him anyways? Well… Then I ain’t got shit to say to ya’ll.

    Stay up, people. Get smart. Get real. Get grounded. Peace.

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Ayo whattup the legendary Apocalypse Hands aka Volcano Hands aka The Mighty Hands of Zeus hisself is back up in the chateau n whatnot. We have a special guest amongst us once again…my brother from another: Ironside Hex aka Sausage Calypso aka Garlic Mouf aka Barack O’bieber aka Manute Bogues aka Stained Tall Tees etc etc is back in effect like herpes simplex to share another adventure from the days of old n whatever. This is a privileged honor as usual namsayin.. First off I jus wanna say REST IN POWER to the almighty legendary Sean Price aka Ruck aka Ruckus aka Decepticon Sean aka Tawl Sean aka P! aka Kimbo Price aka Mic Tyson aka Scagnetti aka Gray Hulk aka Seanwuar aka that man who punched son thru a pizza shop window forreal. Shit still breaks my heart n makes tears fall under my face whenever I think bout his passing n makes me wanna rip the steering wheel off in the whip whenever I hear “Shut The Fuck Up” or “Bar-Barian” or “Onion Head”. Sean P left a very unique n extraordinary boot print on the ass of the world nahmean. Thankfully its still more music left in the tuck n we probably gon be hearin unreleased joints n rediscovering old shit by Ruck for years to come. But right now Ima let the homie Hex take yall on a trip down memory lane…or more specifically THE AUTOBAHN OF MEMORIES. Take it away, Fuckface…



Sean Price, 3/17/1972 – 8/8/2015

365 days.

8,760 hours.

525,600 minutes.

3,153,6000 seconds.

That’s how long the great Sean Price has been gone. It took me a long time to come to grips with that. For months after he passed I just pretended he was overseas on tour & that was the reason I wasn’t talking to him. I just sorta ignored the fact that he wasn’t sending me any retarded emails or saying any slick shit to me on social media. Sometimes I’ll say something about him on Twitter & his wife Bernadette ( who has access to his social media ) will retweet it from his account. Seeing “Gray Hulk Retweeted your Tweet” & the “@SeanPrice” handle always makes me grin.

I miss that guy.
He was a crazy muthafucka.
Ruck kept you laughing, he was funny as fuck. He was
“Eddie Murphy in the 80’s” funny. He could get mad pretty quick tho. 0 to 1000 in .02 seconds. That would be funny too. People that didn’t know him would be shook, & that would make the shit even funnier. When Ruck passed I did a three part tribute to him on All Hip Hop, detailed how we met & told a few stories. On this day, the first anniversary of his death, I was gonna post a sappy letter to him, just telling him what’s been going on & that we miss him, blah blah. Fuck that. I realized that shit would be more about me & some other folks ya’ll could give less than a fuck about. So I figured if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, I’ll tell another quick Sean Price story. I told this story before on Instagram but it was the Readers Digest abridged version. This is the whole shit. I’ll call this one, “CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT MURDER ON THE AUTOBAHN” or “DOG, YOU’RE TRIPPING”.

This shit is extra stupid, but it shows how Ruck could be furious & still hilarious at the same time.

It was 2007, the THREE THE HARD WAY tour, featuring Sean Price, Guilty Simpson, & Black Milk, pre-Random Axe. We were some-fucking-where in Germany & we had an early lobby call so we could head to the next city. It was about 6 or 7 am when everybody started to come down to the lobby, dragging their bags & their feet. I was already down there with our tour manager, Nils, this young German dude. I was sprawled on a chair, still drunk from the show the night before. We got up, went outside to the parking lot & started throwing luggage in the rear of the van. After Black’s slow-ass came straggling to the vehicle we were ready to go. Nils was driving, I was in the passenger seat, Ruck & Rustee Juxx ( Ruck’s ‘hypeman’ ) were directly behind me with Guilty & Black Milk having the last two rows of seats to themselves. I popped in our advance bootleg copy of JayZ’s “American Gangster” CD & we were off. Everybody was lethargic, but after a while everyone started waking up a little & talking shit as usual. This was 07 so somebody said “PAUSE” in the middle or at the end of every sentence. We ‘PAUSED’ the shit out of each other constantly. It was like a spoken punctuation. You know what “PAUSE” is right? It’s used as a disclaimer when someone unwittingly says something that can be construed as homoerotic shit. Like if somebody says, “NAW, I AINT HIP TO THAT. FILL ME IN” or “DUMARS USE TO BE ALL OVER JORDAN. HIS ‘D’ WAS RIDICULOUS”.
That type of shit would get a “PAUSE”.

I know.
Juvenile as fuck.
This is the type of environment this debacle takes place in.
First you gotta understand that English isn’t Nils first language & he doesn’t really understand all the nuances of it. He kind of just mimicked or repeated what we said without fully grasping what we meant. Ok, the scene is set. We were talking shit & Ruck said something benign like “I’M HUNGRY”.

Nils jumped on it.

This was his chance.

“PAWS!”, he yelled.

“Hehe, PAWS!”

He looked around at everyone in the van, kind of looking for approval. We got sort of quiet. We weren’t trying to be rude to Nils but to make that statement pauseworthy was a reach. Suddenly Ruck leaned forward from the seat behind me. “Yo son, can u drive this van?”
I looked over at the driver seat, looked at the steering wheel, shift selector, pedals, etc. It was a normal set up. I didn’t know what Ruck had in mind but sure, I could drive the van.
“Yup”, I replied, curious as to why he asked me that.
“Good”, he said. “I’m gonna kill this n***a Nils, & we’re gonna dump his body on the side of the road. You can drive us to the next venue.” Nils was white as a ghost. I kinda looked at Nils & shrugged. Then I turned around & looked at Ruck, searching his face for a hint of a smile or something that would tell me he was bullshitting. There was none. I realized that Sean Price was serious as fuck.

“Dog, you’re tripping.” I said.
I mean, first of all we were in fucking Germany, I had no idea where we were going. Plus we were on the fucking Autobahn & cars were going past us at 200 fucking miles per hour. Oh yeah, & we aren’t gonna fucking kill Nils. I cited all of these reasons to Ruck as to why his plan was a bad fucking idea. He finally relented but he growled at Nils,
“YOU BETTER SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Nils lived but he used minimal words the rest of the tour, especially around Sean Price. I think he loosened up later in the run but he didn’t get that fucking loose again. Ruck damn near rendered that man a mute.

Only Sean P could make a murder plot funny as fuck. ( Funny in retrospect only, because this shit wasn’t that funny when it was happening. )

I really love & miss that dude.

No “PAWS” needed.

Follow Hex at:

@ironsidehex Twtr
@ironside.hex IG


You can also follow Big Ghost on twitter n IG… but I aint sweatin all that shit so figure that out ya own self.


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May 3, 2016


Ayo whattup yall…the gawd is back like cooked crack n ready to bestow upon yall the bountiful jewelz n casseroles of wisdom for the soul yall done come to expect from me nahmean. I kno I been fallin back from the review thing for a minute now but when the Okayplayers throw up that bat signal its only right that I accommodate the team. I do it for the culture namsayin…so shit aint even bout the money to me b. I do it for the love. Long as they put up the stacks Im a do it…for the love. But yall already kno what time it is. Hit the link n peep the review n whatever whatever…


  1. Jon R Reply

    just wanna give a shout out to big ghost. Shit is hilarious but factual also. I appreciate ya reviews more then the 76ers appreciated losing nah mean.

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March 4, 2016

Ayo wahattup…its ya boy the immortal illustrious Bandana Guitars aka Shampoo Bracelets aka the mighty Cocaine Biceps aka Phantom Raviolis aka the world famous Hands of Zeus hisself once again live in the flesh n all that. Before yall think Im really tryna write a review n then a political think piece in the same two week period after takin a whole calendar year off from updating this entire blog while I manage the most poppin n informative Instagram page on the cyberwebs n recklessly tweet stupid shit all day n make my move into the world of producing ARTISTICALLY IGNORANT HIP HOP lemme jus save yall the trouble of realizin how wrong you was to assume some asinine shit like that by pullin the plug on whatever machine you use to dream up stupid n delusional thoughts b. That being said… Its a lot of fucked up shit that NEEDS to be addressed n I cant think of anyone better to speak on that shit than renowned author, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, former high school valedictorian, n famed eyepatch enthusiast IronsideHex. This my mans…n he knows what the fuck he talkin bout so if you value ya health n wellbeing n more importantly the health n wellbeing of ya little seeds n what have you…you might wanna pay attention n try to get at least one other muthafucka to pay attention who hopefully gon get two more muthafuckas to pay attention n hopefully this sets off a chain reaction of mass wokeness n the shit becomes its own unstoppable force or whatever. Now anybody that reads my shit has probably noticed that Im a meticulous proponent of grammar n literary etiquette n blah blah blah but my guy Hex dont like his shit to be proofread or copyedited or formatted or fact checked or none of that shit namsayin. So what you gettin is that raw dog no holds barred shit. The shit that make you feel like you hang gliding over Papalaua Falls in Molokai one minute n then make you wanna yoke up ya grandparents the next. This man gon cover a whole cornucopia of emotions nahmean. Aight so Ima pass the blunt n let Hex do his thing now…



Donald Trump is The Devil.

El Diablo, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, The Morningstar, Old Nick, Damien, Reagan, Bush.
The scary part was the last two were actually President. ( I don’t consider George H.W. Bush The Devil because he only had 1 term. I consider him a lesser demon )
Trump looks well on his way to securing the Republican nomination, a fact that makes the GOP establishment want to kill themselves. I fucking love it.

Before I let you get too far into this piece I have to let it be known I am NOT a Donald Trump fan nor am I a fan of the Republican OR Democratic parties. Fuck both of them. Though in the spirit of transparency I will say I don’t vote FOR Democrats, I vote AGAINST Republicans. As a matter of fact I want to be totally honest. I hate Trump. I hate the way he talks, I hate the shit he talks about, I hate his face, I hate the tan lines around his eyes, I hate his actual eyes, I hate the way he smells & I’ve never even been close to the muthafucka. I hate his suits & his ties, & of course I hate his stupid fucking hair. Needless to say, I don’t like this guy. At all.

As much as I hate Trump I’m totally dismayed by his supporters. They taught me to never underestimate the stupidity of people. NEVER. It’s apparent that some people are inherently stupid. Or they actually feel the same way this bigoted xenophobe feels about immigration, economics, planned parenthood & the war on terror.

DONALD TRUMP, THE GREAT WALL BUILDER ( that Mexico is gonna pay for – BULLSHIT ).

I got one word for DonaldTrump. “HOW?”
How are u going to make Mexico pay for the wall? Because of a trade deficit? So? Mexico isn’t gonna pay for shit.

Let’s be clear, PRESIDENT OBAMA has deported more illegal aliens / undocumented immigrants
than any other president in history. To date 2.5 million illegals have gotten the boot courtesy of PRESIDENT OBAMA. This is in direct contradiction to TRUMP’S assertion that this administration does nothing about illegal immigration. TRUMP promises to root out the 11 MILLION undocumented immigrants living in Amerikkka & deport them. 11 MILLION PEOPLE. What the fuck is TRUMP TALKING ABOUT? That’s im-fucking-possible. You are going to have our ICE, HOMELAND SECURITY, & INS agents investigate, locate, apprehend, detain, & deport 11MILLION PEOPLE. Yeah, ok. What do u think that will cost per person? $10 dollars? $100 dollars? Even at just $10 a person that’s $110 MILLION DOLLARS. & believe me, it’s gonna cost alot more than $10 dollars per person.
It wld cost between $400 – $600 BILLION DOLLARS to deport these people. Is Mexico gonna pay for that, too? Amerikkkans like to argue that the illegals take all of their jobs. Well, after TRUMP implements his ELIAN PLAN they would be able to sell oranges & cut grass anywhere they want to without illegals preventing them from attaining their life’s goal.


Like all Republicans TRUMP has vowed to repeal OBAMACARE. You know Republicans hate when poor people get any type of help. However, unlike most of TRUMP’s fellow Republican presidential candidates TRUMP has no concrete plan to replace OBAMACARE & no idea where to start. He just knows Republicans hate it, so he says that he does too. What an idiot.

TRUMP is saying that he will destroy ISIS, also saying that he would kill the families of terrorists. ( This muthafucka doesn’t wanna go to THE WHITE HOUSE, he wants to go to THE HAGUE)
That’s all well & good but when he had his chance to fight for Amerikkka in Vietnam in the 60’s he procured a deferment for having a “heel spur”. Get the fuck out of here. When he was asked about it he reportedly couldn’t remember which heel had been “injured”.

How the fuck is he going to defeat ISIS when he circumvented the draft to avoid having to fight in Vietnam?

DONALD TRUMP constantly professeses his love for the second amendment & says stupid shit like we need MORE firearms to prevent or stop mass shootings like the ones in Paris, SanBernardino, & more recently Kansas. I suppose TRUMP is also going to issue an executive order that everyone carry a firearm, send everyone to NAVY SEAL training, & deputize everybody in Amerikkka. His next executive order will be to replace all the fire hydrants in the U.S.A with oil drums filled with gasoline.


Although TRUMP says that he loves the 2ND AMENDMENT & THE CONSTITUTION more than KANYE loves KANYE, there are other parts of the CONSTITUTION that he’s not too fond of. Like the FIRST AMENDMENT. You know the FIRST AMENDMENT right? Small part of the constitution that ensures us the right to freedom of religion, free speech (press), assembly. He wants to fuck with it so that he can sue the press for printing unflattering articles about him. Unbefuckinglievable.

On one end of the spectrum he’s a promoter of the 2ND AMENDMENT & on the other end he’s looking for chinks in the FIRST AMENDMENT’s armor. TRUMP claims & blames the press aka “THE LIBERAL MEDIA” for lying on him but as far as I can tell they’ve just been telling the truth & asking him to explain dumb-shit that came out his own mouth. TRUMP claims he’s for the people but he wants to silence those who disagree with or criticize him.


This is pretty fucking funny. TRUMP tries to push this narrative that he built his company from nothing. He likes to say that he started with a “small loan from his father” ( FRED TRUMP, more on him later ). Yup, TRUMP got a small loan of ONE MILLION DOLLARS.
That’s equivalent to almost

Get the fuck out of here.
I don’t know alot about TRUMP’S business dealings, but I do know he has filed for bankruptcy at least four different times, closed down the TRUMP PLAZA (which left approximately 1300 people out of work), & he expedited the demise of the USFL.
Ya’ll remember the USFL don’t u? Professional football played in the spring from 1983 – 1986. Had players like HERSCHEL WALKER, DOUG FLUTIE, JIM KELLY, STEVE YOUNG, amongst others. TRUMP owned a team in that league, the NY/NJ GENERALS. He pushed for the USFL to move their season to the fall to battle the NFL. They also sued the NFL in an antitrust suit which they won, however they were awarded damages totaling $3.00.
The league folded soon after before ever competing head to head with the NFL in the fall. The USFL’s implosion is widely attributed to DONALD TRUMP & is the subject of an ESPN 30 for 30 film called, “SMALL POTATOES”.
He’s also being sued for fraud by some former students at his now defunct TRUMP UNIVERSITY, where students paid up to $36,000 to learn TRUMP’s real estate secrets. Evidently some people didn’t learn shit.

This is my favorite TRUMP.
Since the beginning of his campaign there has been strong racist undertones in his message. He employs alot of dog-whistle politics. Dog-whistle politics are when a politician makes one general statement for his general audience, but it has a deeper, different or additional meaning for a targeted subgroup. Like when TRUMP says ” MAKE AMERIKKKA GREAT AGAIN”. Some people hear “MAKE AMERIKKKA WHITE AGAIN”. He is basically alienating Mexicans & Muslims, intent on kicking one group out & not letting the other group in. His message is clear, “I’M GOING TO BUILD A WALL” really means “THEY’RE NOT LIKE US, SO WE NEED TO BE SEPARATE”. That shit resonates with certain groups, especially among those whites that feel disenfranchised & by this current progressive administration & frankly they feel left behind by the world. Let’s be clear, TRUMP is saying all the things that his target audience whispers about at the kitchen table. That’s the scary part. TRUMP has hundreds of thousands of people who echo his ideology. MEXICANS – Violent rapists, put up a wall & keep them out. Deport the ones that are here. Out, out damn spot!
MUSLIMS – Don’t let them in! Muslims are bad! Which stokes the fires of hatred & distrust which already exist in this country concerning our Muslim communities. Now TRUMP may have initiated a full blown assault on brown people, but he didn’t forget about black people. Hell naw. He just took a different approach with us, more passive – aggressive. When TRUMP’s not ignoring the black race, TRUMP does shit like praise the police & say how they’re treated horribly & when they make one mistake the “lying liberal media” plasters it all over the news. Although that “one mistake” usually leads to the death of an unarmed black person, but whatever, right?
No biggie. TRUMP’s rallies are often interrupted by different protestors, including BlackLivesMatter. I saw a recent TRUMP rally in Virginia where BLM attended & chanted “BLACK LIVES MATTER!”, to which the crowd responded with their own chant of “ALL LIVES MATTER!” while the protestors were being removed. TRUMP took to the mic & repeated “ALL LIVES MATTER!” I gotta go off-topic for a sec & tell you how I feel about “ALL LIVES MATTER”, which I feel is the most passive – aggressive phrase in the world. It’s right up there with “NO DISRESPECT, BUT…”.

“ALL LIVES MATTER” really means “FUCK BLACK LIVES MATTER” but it’s said in a way where u can’t refute it.
The BLACK LIVES MATTER movement came out of an anger about black people, usually unarmed, being mowed down in the street at the hands of usually white police officers. Somehow “ALL LIVES MATTER” became the response. What are you supposed to say? “FUCK EVERYBODY ELSE’S LIVES EXCEPT BLACKS”? No. The usual reply is ” YES, ALL LIVES MATTER, BUT RIGHT NOW WE’RE TALKING ABOUT BLACK LIVES “.
I look at it a little differently.
“ALL LIVES MATTER” is the equivalent of black people being on a sinking ship & screaming “MAYDAY!”, while white people are safe on dry land screaming, “MAYDAY! MAYDAY, TOO!”
Anyway, that’s my take on it.


Let’s talk about this idiot & his DAVID DUKE / KKK controversy. On Sunday February 27th TRUMP appeared on CNN on JAKE TAPPER’s “STATE OF THE UNION” show. On the show JAKE TAPPER asked TRUMP about recent statements by politician & former KKK GRAND WIZARD DAVID DUKE where DUKE proclaimed that “voting against DONALD TRUMP at this point is treason to your heritage”. TRUMP refused to disavow DUKE or the KKK, claiming that he didn’t know enough about them. What the fuck? U don’t know who DAVID DUKE is or what the KKK is about? Are u fucking serious? Of course TRUMP later backtracked, even posting a video from the previous Friday where he denounced DUKE, albeit very flippantly, “DAVID DUKE? I DISAVOW HIM, OK?” What I’m trying to figure out is why did u know exactly who DAVID DUKE was on Friday, but have no clue who the fuck he is two days later during the CNN interview? Turns out TRUMP was fully aware of who DAVID DUKE is & is familiar with his views, because in 2000
TRUMP decided to forgo a presidential run as a member of the Reform Party but decided against it when he discovered that DAVID DUKE was involved. He claimed that a faulty ear piece didn’t allow him to hear JAKE TAPPER’S questions about DUKE. This lying muthafucka. Don’t insult my fucking intelligence. He actually said the name “DAVID DUKE” two or three times during the interview & repeated TAPPER’s questions.
Faulty ear piece. Whatever. He’s a fucking liar like all politicians. He eventually condemned DAVID DUKE & other white supremacists after intense pressure from the GOP. Well, DONALD TRUMP is VERY familiar with the KKK. His father, FRED TRUMP, the giver of small million dollar loans, was arrested in 1927 at a KKK rally in Queens, NY. This happened. TRUMP says different & again proves himself to be a liar. TRUMP has been dogged by the racist tag his whole campaign, even his spokeswomen KATRINA PIERSON says racist bullshit like “WHERE ARE ALL OF THE PURE BLOODS?” He keeps a few coons on the payroll. OMAROSA, PASTOR DARRELL SCOTT, PASTOR MANNING those two coon broads DIAMOND & SILK, etc. You have to be a special type of coon to support a man white supremacists are endorsing & placing robocalls for. All black people who are supporting TRUMP should ask the KKK to give them a ride to the polls. They’re pals.

TRUMP is a megalomaniac, demagogue, a con man, a narcissist, a carnival barker, a fool. He’s playing / preying upon the fears of people who are supposedly from “THE HOME OF THE BRAVE” Brave? I can’t tell. They seem to be a bunch of bitches to me, running to hide behind TRUMP’s skirt. They’re expecting TRUMP to protect them. A guy who wouldn’t even fight when he was drafted. Now he’s saying he’s gonna fight for Amerikkka, & these idiots believe him. The funniest thing about TRUMP besides his spray tan & hair is the fact that for all of his posturing on immigration, his wife MELANIA TRUMP is an immigrant ( well, technically everyone is an immigrant except the NATIVE AMERIKKKANS ) who’s from Yugoslavia & speaks broken English. & they want to put her in the White House. Ridiculous.

I just keep remembering all the dumb shit he did, like getting mad at FOHX NEWS’ MEGYN KELLY during a debate because she asked him a series of questions quoting his own words including derogatory comments TRUMP made about women & asked if he thought he sounded presidential. I remember him mumbling some bullshit & not really answering the questions. Then months later he wouldn’t do a debate that MEGYN KELLY was moderating. He talks all this tough shit regarding PUTIN, JONG UN, MEXICO, CHINA, & ISIS, but he’s scared of MEGYN KELLY.
Fucking sissy.

This citrus colored muthafucka has the temperament of a fussy 5 year old & he could be in control of the world’s most powerful nuclear arsenal. If he throws a hissy fit everybody dies. It’s like us having our very own KIM JONG UN but crazier.

Usually I write about some rap bullshit, but this election is too important for me to ignore. There’s alot of crazy shit going on in the world & we need somebody sane to navigate us through it. I don’t give a fuck who you vote for, as long as it’s not TRUMP…or CRUZ..or RUBIO…or KASICH…or DR.CARSON…

I ain’t telling anyone how to live, I’m just making some suggestions. If you don’t like abortions don’t have one, if you don’t like the gay lifestyle then don’t fuck the same sex, & if you don’t like Islam then practice Christianity.

I know alot of folks love TRUMP & are going to vote for him no matter what anyone says. People love that he’s supposedly self-financing his whole campaign & he likes to say that he isn’t owned by any big company but likes to brag that his company is worth 10 billion dollars, he IS the big company. Voting for TRUMP is like voting for one of the KOCH brothers.
This whole debacle is beyond stupid. I feel embarrassed that I live in Amerikkka. I feel embarrassed for the people who proudly support TRUMP. It’s like waving an “I’M STUPID” flag over their heads. It’s just so ridiculous I keep waiting for him to walk up to a podium say, “SIKE”. For a few months I thought he was trolling. When I realized he was serious it was horrifying. This is a man who ridiculed JOHN McCAIN for being a POW, but he himself skirted the draft and didn’t even fight in the war. This is a man who will run to Twitter & slander the shit out of his opponents in-between retweeting racist groups & MUSSOLINI quotes.

The scary shit isn’t just TRUMP, its his supporters. Some people actually BELIEVE his bullshit. Stupid people are scary.

TRUMP is the scariest muthafucka I’ve seen in a long time.


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  1. Wilfredo Reply

    Glad to have you posting more articles ghost. I’m even more glad to hear you commenting on this foolishness that is being called the presidential race. Donald Trump has made me lose a lot of faith in the American People. The fact that this muhfucka is actually resonating with enough people that he will, not might, but WILL become the presidential nominee is frightening.

    They actually spent time during the republican debate the other night to discuss the size of Trump’s dick. At a presidential debate, dick size was a topic of discussion.

    I guess if there’s one silver lining in this storm cloud, it’s that Trump is going to force the republican establishment to make some changes. Or maybe they won’t. I don’t fuckin know anymore.

  2. Phalluster Reply

    Nice post you dumb nig.

  3. Iceberg Mays Reply

    Wow!! you hit it on the head..

  4. Thera Reply

    “APARTHEID” – Segregating a population based on colour, language and culture.

    What Trump is preaching sounds like apartheid on steroids ! As a South African, I am embarrassed for the rational and decent Americans, who are subjected to this bullshit everyday… This man talks like he’s ready to fight every other nation on EARTH !

    Decent, non-racist white American (I hope they are in the majority) and minorities now have to use the democratic process to take this guy out. They have to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

    As hex stated, vote ‘AGAINST the republicans’. I know voting for Clinton will probably feel like a step back from the Obama era. But a Trump presidency will take your nation back to the Civil rights era !

  5. Chris Reply

    And who the fuck we sposed to vote for? Hillary???? Are you crazy???? I’d rather have a motherfucker who doesn’t know how to use policies or how they work (moron Trump) than to be hunted by a cunning, conniving assassin like Hillary.

  6. Swoosh Reply

    Bruh u went in !!! 5 Zeus slaps outta 5

  7. The Devil Corp Reply

    Good post.

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February 24, 2016


Ayo whattup… You now baskin in the luminescence of the grand imperial Cocaine Biceps aka the illustrious Thor Molecules aka the infamous Galaxy Knuckles aka Shampoo Bracelets the panty melter aka the mighty Hands of Zeus hisself in the flesh. Lotta yall been wonderin why the gawd aint been droppin those immaculate scrolls n ill paragraphs n whatever whatever…1. The gawd stay gettin it poppin on the Instagrams n 2. The gawd felt as tho his words n the respect for his craft wasnt there like that namsayin. I needs that Bar Mitzvah paper b.


GO HERE for the full review


  1. Da Wooly Mammoth'd Reply

    All praise to tha G-O-Ds – yes my negus, u done returned with another scroll, aint even lost a half-step. Appreciate you taking one for the team on this, I know a ‘light 4 Zeus Slaps’ is slang for “only because there b so much shit clogging the stream does well-sequenced sheisse this rise near the top”. Und auch, Ihnen deutschwortschatz gefaellt mir.

    Heeding ur warnings, I avoided all new ‘hip pop’ aka bitchmade for years, including Kendrick Lamar. Now I knew he was ‘pposed to be the best, but I figured, if you’re the top shit on a pile of shit, you’re still not gettin’ any spin on my turntables. This lasted until I knew I was going to L.A. for the first time. Copped “To Pimp…” and “Compton” for my rental whip, and DAMN!

    Why I mention this? Cause I would love to read a retro-review from you for those two albums. I know, that’s like asking for Drake to stop embarrassing all non-bitchmade Canadians: he could do it, by throwing his dick and his microphone over the more-impressive drop of Niagara Falls, but he prob won’t.

    Gotta say, I hit up this page every other, just hoping to be graced by a fresh scroll – been more than a minute, as you address, but I believe in Quality over Quantity. Thanks again!

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February 22, 2015


Ayo whattup. Once again you in the presence of the mighty Hands Of Zeus aka Galaxy Knuckles aka Thor Molecules the great aka Phantom Raviolis aka Shampoo Bracelets the panty melter aka Broccoli Bundles aka Lamborghini Saxophones aka the illustrious Cocaine Biceps n the legendary Acrobatic Chromosomes hisself otherwise known as the world famous Big Ghost namsayin. Its been a minute so hopefully yall can forgive the hiatus nahmean. Jus remember that even when I aint doin what you think I should be doin Im still doin shit that needs doin b. But yo…ya boy Drizzy Drake aka the rib that was removed from the body of 808s and Heartbreak n incubated beneath the tender bosom of Mother Canada into the tofu complexioned phenomenon he is today is back wit another batch of his emotionally complex audio baked goods. This was Drake contribution to the culture in a nutshell b: He slid thru the door into a hip hop world that was stuck on bagels n donuts n ya boy Drizzy said yo…Imma put yall up on these scones. Thats right the nigga brought scones to the hood.  The boy gave yall audio croissants n even pronounced the shit like kraw-sawnntz on some “I aint like these other niggas” shit. Thats jus the type of cat he was…. Unapologetic…sensitive…sassy… The type of dude to go on ya Facebook page n passive aggressively like all ya posts b. The type of muthafucka that could tell the difference between the shades of terra cotta n vermilion on the nails of a basic chick from across the room n shit… Type of nigga thats not afraid to check a female n say…”Really? That top? Wit those shoes?” Never been a cat like him in the game before n its a good chance we aint gone see another nigga thats cut from that same ‘tumble dry only’ fabric for a long time b. So love him or hate him…son done found a cozy little spot for hisself in the books n he probably aint going nowhere anytime soon.


Before we get this shit started lemme jus speak on some other shit thats been speculated upon over the last week or so in regards to this project namsayin… Imma try n set summa that straight for yall. First off…this shit was pose to be released as a free mixtape on Datpiff as part of the Gangsta Grillz series apparently. So the fact you had to peep this shit sans the enlightening commentary of a nigga who only got one volume to the way he speak which is basically “talkin while usin chainsaw” is a shame cuz its always dope to have the infinitely talented DJ Drama drop his little anecdotes all in between the songs on ya joints. The fact that ya boy Drizzy decided to drop this shit outta the blue for free on soundcloud for like 11 minutes was mighty generous but after that shit vanished they started selling it on iTunes for $12.99. Now…even if the only reason why the shit happened that way was so that Drizzy could use this tape as a opportunity to turn in his final album n fullfill all his contractual obligations to Cash Money Rapists Records…..they aint had to set the price at $13 if the muthafucka aint a legit album namsayin. I mean its still a collection of loosies n shit that basically wasnt good enough for his upcomin “REAL album” right? I can imagine Baby leanin back in the Louis Vuitton seats of his woodgrain Bugatti handrubbin that idea into fruition like AW YEA PLEHBWOI…AWM FINNA KEEP MAH DICK IN DAT DERE ASS N EAT AWF DIS CARAMEHR SUNDEHH LOOKIN ASS NIGGUH FA A LAAAWNG TAHM…so that might not a been Drizzys call nahmean.


1. Legend – At first it sounds like this bout to be some Drake-by-numbers shit. But thats the less complicated version g… This actually sound like Drake impersonating Kirko Bangz impersonating Drake. Shit is like a muthafuckin conundrum. These niggas all done jacked Drake style n now Drake out chea jackin other niggas styles includin his own… These muthafuckas is all confused as hell now namsayin. Anyways hopefully Drizzy cut a check for Khelani after usin “Get Away” on this shit cuz he dont need to be tryna Birdman homegirl like that.


2. Energy – Listen fam….I dont expect much from rap music in 2015…n I be turnin a blind eye to a lot of fuckery….but havin gunshots on a Drake record is like havin gunshots on a Drake record namsayin. Its like havin a picture of a gladiator holdin the severed head of his adversary on a shampoo bottle. These shits jus dont go together bruh. Drake you was at the club n allowed a nigga who go by names like “Puffy” n “Diddy” to put hands on you without him pullin out any tools on you or none of that. You let that man slap you like his own seed not once…not twice…THREE muthafuckin times fam. We still dont kno if he hit you all 3 times wit the same hand for maximum slap recoil or alternated hands to increase the velocity or some shit like that. Ionno… I aint really a physics professor or nothin dog…n Puff probably aint work all that shit out in his head before he smacked you up neither. All we kno is the nigga was unarmed n you went to the hospital after that man slapped light rays outta ya half moon n shit. But here you go wit this I GOT ENEMEEEEEZ shit… “Enemies” implies you tryna fight back homie. Call that shit what it is my dude… Thats some bully shit. You went n told on the nigga to J. Prince too…n that man felt like it was serious enough that he had to jump on the intro to another one of his artists joints like he been doin for the past 30 years to issue a warning to let anybody tryna put hands on the boy Drake kno that they loved ones can and IS gon get touched if they tryna cause any type of physical harm to the golden boy ya heard? They actin like the nigga Puffy jumped Aubrey witta small army of ninjas… Like Sean Combs had the Crazy 88 run up on Drake while he slurped on soba noodles in the cut n then dipped out the back door without gettin his hands dirty. But forreal…Puffy jus came at him dolo n rocked him witta open palm. THRICE. Fade caught. Easy. Thats shootin the fair one homie. But these muthafuckas actin like Drizzy was hogtied n held captive on some Master P gettin his goons to kidnap Pimp C shit. Jus take that L n keep it percolatin my dude. Anyways… I forget what the fuck I was gon say bout this track but asides from that fraudulent ass gun poppin in the intro the shit is aight. Sounds like a less potent “0 to 100” mixed witta less impressive “Believe Me” tho. Play em shits all back to back n tell me Im buggin.

2014 ESPYS - Backstage & Audience

3. 10 Bands – This boy rappin over the Freakshow theme song? Shit is like the less attractive cousin of the Started From The Bottom beat…which also happen to be one of the Drake joints I fucks wit the most. Straight up. So I aint mad at this shit. Of course he gotta give his audience a little beige nigga vignette here n there like “My ex asked me where Im movin/ I said on to better things” (cue every sensitive emotional nigga who had limited exposure to positive male role models in his life pullin the invisible train whistle twice after hearin that shit). He also usin “oh em gee, oh em gee” as a actual catchphrase on this shit which is jus childish bruh. But I aint mad at this.


4. Know Yourself – Ya boy still actin like his life aint been a open book for the longest…talmbout “I dont like how serious they take them self/ I always been me, I guess I kno myself”… Maaaaaan not to take anything away from his ability to make some catchy little jingles n shit…but if anybody ever had a identity crisis in hip hop Drake gotta be up there in the top 3 eeeeaaaasy namsayin. He actually lucky Iggy exists to help him seem jus a little more authentic namsayin. Son is all over the muthafuckin place wit his personas n accents tho. To defend this nigga n a lot of his corny antics muthafuckas sometimes bring up somebody like the late great 2Pac…n say shit bout how Pac contradicted hisself a lot too n fabricated his whole image n this that n the third…but 1) Pac sounded like Pac whether he was singin on some happy go lucky shit or recklessly disrespectin niggas or had some pitched down/screwed vocals on the track…no matter what the topic was n ALWAYS had his own flow. 2) Pac was a complex individual wit different characteristics n dimensions to him…not different personalities. The boy Drakeveli wants to be the sensitive songbird who understands females better than they understand they own selfs AND the young playboy millionaire who aint got time to waste on these hoes AND the Jewish mob boss who can get you touched if you test his gangster AND the safe nigga/comedian rockin wigs n dressin like different characters while hostin shit on tv AND the official mascot of every winning sports franchise on the planet AND a resident of at least 17 different cities he stay callin his second home. To compare this nigga to Pac is damn near sacrilegious g. Anyways this some Young Rich Homie Maco Genasis shit… How you gon call this shit “Know Yourself” n proceed to sound like all different types of niggas bruh? Its some more rudebwoy lickin shots on this shit too. This boy way too conflicted.


5. No Tellin – This more of that “Started From The Bottom” type shit. Im fuckin wit it…but then suddenly this boy starts wildin talmbout “I mean beside Ricky Ross Aubrey the biggest boss here”… Yo I truthfully wasnt mad at this joint son. Honestly. But after that line I almost had to quarantine this track n escort it to the recycle bin off principle alone. Like…I cant jus allow son to utter words like these thru the speakers or headphones of any my own personal electronic devices b. That shit is damn near immoral. You need to slide back into ya lane homie…which is makin joints for niggas who run the pickle jar lid under hot water to open it. You make music for chicks that go home n cry n eat a whole frozen cake in the closet when nobody compliments they outfit. Stay makin music for dudes who use the crying cat emoji fam… Lets jus ease the fuck back from the foolish “Aubrey the boss” fantasies tho. Thats some preposterous shit… Shit is as disrespectful as Snoop sayin he was possessed by the ghost of Bob Marley when he went thru his Snoop Lion phase. What other outta pocket fuckery we tryna give a pass to when it come to these rappers b? “French Montana, Esq.”? “The world famous Ray J”? I mean cmon yo…


6. Madonna – This nigga Drake doin some type a Lil Wayne talkin in his sleep impersonation all over the intro. Not sure if he doin that as a tribute or like a homage or some shit but I coulda did without it b. Then after a full minute of that shit homie dusts off the ol simp cape n sing/raps “What if I pick you up from your house?/ We should get out/ We havent talked in a while…”…n then throws the shit into full “Take Care” mode wit “I saw potential in you from the go/ You kno that I did/ I dont kno if you kno but I kno who you are”… Man dont you think we been down this beige ass path enough times dog? This like the most insulting n vain shit you can say to a female in the first place yo. That shit is like listenin to a song n singin on top of it n callin it a duet. All that “I kno you better than you kno you” type shit only works in novels that got the words “Twilight” or “By Nicholas Sparks” on the cover namsayin. Only niggas who can order a beverage at Starbucks without decoding the shit on the menu first would say some shit like that to a girl b. This whole jawn is some shit for niggas that turn they head n make a face like they jus swallowed cat urine when they sip a beer. This basically some shit only a dude whose favorite season of The Wire was season 2 can relate to…. And now the sleepy Weezy shit back for the hook. Son even brought back the gentle falsetto “oh no no no” for this. Bout to slingshot this hoe into that recycle bin REEEAAL QUICK.


7. 6 God – Here this boy go sendin subliminal warnings to his subliminal enemies again… “Rollin swishers hittin swishes…Got me feelin like a ball haaaaaawwwg… I dont pass em when I get it”


Ima keep it real truthful… Homie is wild annoying on this shit. I mean niggas brag on records. That shit is the essence of rap. That shit been happening since Grandmaster Caz n Melle Mel… Back in the day most cats not named Ice-T or LL Cool J jus straight up bragged bout shit they never had or owned or did. Then Biggie came along n started paintin entire fantasies on records of a lifestyle he wasnt livin at the time on the classic “Juicy” n that kinda kicked down the door for brothers like Nas, AZ, Raekwon n em to start embellishin the fuck outta they life stories on records too…n thats basically how the mafioso shit n the luxury rap era popped off. A year later Hov dropped Reasonable Doubt n made it so cats had to at least sorta validate the shit they was sayin on records…cuz Jay really wasnt exaggeratin his lifestyle like that…at least not until he lost em 92 bricks hadda fall back. Fast forward to Hov, Puffy, n Dre havin net worths that look like the worldwide box office earnings from Harry Potter flicks n the game is actually saturated wit multimillionaires now… Thats includin Rick Ross n the $375 billion Kuwaiti dinar that he got stashed in his accounts in the Caymans. But somewhere along the way the flossin on records went from rappers tryna stunt on they peers to straight up being on some HAAAAHAAAA LOOKIT ME LOOKIT ME BOY IM SO FAMOUS N RICH BUT YALL CAN HAVE MY LEFTOVER’S LEFTOVER’S LEFTOVERS WHEN IM DONE BOY N IMMA SAY THIS SHIT IN THE HIGHEST OCTAVE MY VOICE CAN SPEAK IN BOY JUS TO MAKE THE SHIT EVEN MORE AGGRAVATIN TO YALL BROKE NIGGAS BOY…IMA RAP ALL THIS SHIT IN THIS ANDY MILONAKIS PITCH N REPEAT WORDS N NOT EVEN RHYME THIS SHIT N MY DICKRIDERS IS GON LOVE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIT AAAAHHHHHH. Muthafucka I dont listen to music to be gettin shitted on namsayin. Money n fame aint gon move ya eyes closer together n stop you from gettin ya ass beat in public homie. Need to calm ya whole shit down doggie.



8. Star67 – Yea he went there… Ya boy Drizzy Drake done named a song after the same phone feature that side chicks use when they wanna block they number n call up the wife/bm of the disloyal nigga they fuckin wit to vent n talk they shit bout all the fly things they done procured from his trick ass to feel better bout they self. I kno you probably shocked like DRAKE DID THAT? But then you gotta remind yaself that son is a light khaki complexioned nigga from Canada witta girl name so he kinda predisposed to doin some shit like this. Aint gon lie tho cuz this beat fire… But there go Aubrey wit the gun talk again. “Brand new beretta, cant wait to let it go/ Walk up in my label like, where the check go?”… Cmon b. Most you might do is leave a muthafuckin disgruntled email or text message for Baby n Slim. Drake tryna have you imagine him comin up the elevator at the Cash Money Rapist– OOPS I MEANT RECORDS — offices n see niggas runnin n duckin like he Omar Little n shit on some “Yo Aubrey comin…Aubrey comin”shit… (Yea I kno thats the second Wire reference on this shit… Can I live tho?). Why this nigga Drizzy aint go up in Birdman office n do like Suge Knight did to Eazy to get Dre outta his contract if he really bout that life? This nigga pose to be boolin… Doin all types of twisted shit wit his fingers… Why he aint get Birdman to drop Carter 5? Ayo Drake theres real gangsta shit goin on in the industry man! Yo niggas is in the grind! Where you be at man? Niggas be buckin! Why you never buckin? Where you be at man??? But yea bruh the beat is dope on this shit n Aubrey did his best rendition of Lil Wayne circa 2005 on this muthafucka too. I fucks wit it…

Big Sean performs at DTE Energy Music Theatre

9. Preach (feat. PartyNextDoor) – What you get when you take some Future n Drake n bake it up in a cake? In case you wasnt able to actually solve that mindbender the answer is PartyNextDoor. Singin ass Toronto niggas really be havin names that sound like events n shit? PARTYNEXTDOOR?The Weeknd? This boy Drizzy even managed to find a singin ass nigga from ATL named ILOVEMAKONNEN. Only a matter of time before a dude named TheOpeningAct or iBeSinginSongs gon pop up on OVO Sound. Anyways this track is ass cheeks?so its prolly bout to be gettin crazy spins in the club.


10. Wednesday Night Interlude (feat. PartyNextDoor)- There go Drake gettin all creative wit his song titles again… Me personally I woulda named this shit “All The Ungivable Fucks I Never Knew I Could Give Bout This Shit” cuz its one accurate way of describin how I feel bout it. That nigga PartyInTheNextRoom or whatever is on this shit gettin his autotune on again singin bout being lonely for a whole 3 n a half minutes. Not sure what makes this shit a interlude exactly since its longer than like 5 of the songs on this whole project n shit… I dont wanna spoil the surprise for anybody who aint heard it yet but its basically a little tiny tornado of sonic dicks for ya ears.. If you into shit like that then you gon most definitely fucks wit it. Imma toss this track n the shit I heard right before it into the recycle bin n let em marinate amongst all em Sorry 4 The Wait 2 jawns tho.


11. Used To (feat. Lil Wayne)- “When you get to where Im at/ You gotta remind em where the fuck you at”… This nigga got members of Rae Sremmurd penning his bars now? Wish that was the actual wackest part of his verse but son actually compares hisself to “Young Nick Cannon wit the snare drum dancin” on the same verse n then starts the next verse wit “Way more gully gully than buddy buddy”… So take ya pick. Meanwhile ya boy the lyrical juggernaut Weezy F said to “suck a nigga dick for a iPhone 6″…smmfh. Its kinda obvious why this nigga dont get too many endorsement deals… Shit be like that for a reason nahmean. Ya boy Dwayne really brought that shit back like his “suck a nigga dick for some Trukfit” line on “Pop That” never hurt them Trukfit sales yo… He lucky he got Mack Maine cuz truthfully this man dont got a single business savvy bone in his body fam. Pretty sure if Russell Simmons campaign for his clothing brand was “Suck a nigga dick for some Phat Farm” that shit probably never woulda sold the way it did back in the day. Meanwhile the boy Drizzys money bout to be longer than Waynes any minute since he actually very good at branding his shit. When you see the cute little cartoon owl? You kno whats up… Anyways minus some trash bars this shit is straight.


12. 6 Man – This was close to being the best joint on this whole non-free mixtape b. But the funny thing is Aubrey jacked Gucci Mane flow for this shit. Meanwhile this nigga Gucci in the tombs again n jus dropped another mixtape n titled that shit Views From Zone 6. Hmmmmm…. Coincidence? Anyways yo Drake gotta cut Radric a check n help him cop more fake colorful jewelry when he get out the bing again namsayin. I dont condone all this flow borrowing shit that these cats be doin these days neither (Im lookin at you Logic). When 50% of niggas rap like Future or the Amigos you kno the shit gettin way outta control namsayin. Anyways all the bitery n unoriginalness aside the shit is actually dope up until this nigga Drake start doin the Erykah Badu shit at the end. Other than that I aint mad at this shit.

Drake  @ Barclays

13. Now & Forever – This is Drake being on some Drake shit. Lemme explain that. When you hear this shit it sound like he on some tryna leave his abusive relationship behind type shit…witta chick. But naw this bout him tryna leave his abusive relationship wit Stunna since Stunna dont pay artists n been rapin Wayne for like 20 yrs now. So in the midst of all this sensitive crooning you hear a shotgun pump n let off a round…”Yo Aubrey comin…Aubrey comin…”

i drake gun

Fam lets jus be real bout this shit for a moment. Drake gotta dead all the subliminal gun totin. The public is stupid but the public aint full blown delusional. This nigga Drizzy been feelin tough ever since he realized he could jus hide behind fat niggas n the fathers of his homeboys. But these little gunshot effects would probably sound less corny on a Coldplay record b.


14. Company (feat. Travi$ Scott) – Usually I see the words “feat. Travi$ Scott” n I jus keep it movin…cuz fuck that shit. But I wasnt all the way mad at this track. Shit was cool until ya boy let his simp hand go n drizzled out the words “lately we been fightin on some WHY YOU LOVE THE STRIPPIN SHIT?”. Cmon son…after all these jokes n memes you really gon start tryna rescue strippers in distress on a song again? You couldnt go a whole project without capin for a stripper? Meanwhile… while Im ponderin on this shit that dusty nigga Travi$ Scott done went into full blown autotune cryin robot malfunction mode n reminded me why I be skippin right on past most shit that says “feat. Travis $cott” in the first place.


15. You and The 6 – Fam I aint tryna be the insensitive asshole here or nothin but how many open letters to ya moms you plannin on droppin? Can you not jus have a nice convo wit the woman during one of ya weekly brunches wit her n get all the shit off ya chest once n for all? This shit is obviously like ya way of balancing out the fact that you come across like a cocky diva in a lo of ya music b. This gotta be ya way of tryna get people to forget that shit. I aint sayin you not sincere bout this shit but at the same time you done covered all this shit enough times bruh… The hardships of growin up in the most affluent suburb of Toronto n how you got made fun of for pushin last year’s model Bentley as a teen actor n how ya moms was pose to get you a tuna sandwich but you had to settle for chicken salad… We done been over all this shit bruh. Jus once the boy Drake gotta surprise us wit some shit… Like maybe get on some Eminem shit n kill a family member on record b. Throw a twist ending on this shit. Like maybe break out the arsenal of audio weapons you packin on the album n rob a synagogue during one of ya little cousin’s bar mitzvahs or some unpredictable shit like that b. This also one of the few tracks on this album where homie rappin on some regular Drake shit. Anyways I aint actually mad at this shit…I jus wanted to get all that other shit off my chest tho.


16. Jungle – This more of that regular Drake shit. Ya boy Aubrey waited til the second to last track to hit his females fans off wit that bitchmade shit that made him a household name in the first place. The beat is on some slow ass basic R&B shit. Word to Allah. This shit is like listening to somebody make they Barbie dolls fuck.. so Imma hit that skip n Victor Oladipo reverse 360 dunk this shit into the recycle bin.


17. 6PM In New York – Ya boy 6 god back wit another time n place record… I wasnt never a fan of that “9AM In Dallas” shit but “5AM In Toronto” might be the coldest record young Aubrey ever made nahmean. This shit right here aint fuckin wit it at all tho. But the medium homie addressed the little little homie Tyga almost kinda directly on this shit wit the “Its so childish callin me out on the world stage/ You need to act ya age n not ya girl age” line. Finally happened b. All the male Drake groupies heard that shit n was like YAAAASSSSSS DRAG HIM PAPI!!! Shit even got a reaction from Tyga on twitter. But if you read it it was already too late cuz bruh bruh got cold feet n deleted it bout 45 seconds later so… Then Drizzy sends a couple subliminals Mia Khalifa’s way to let muthafuckas kno that YES…porn stars can get hit wit these lyrical bullets n hurtful remarks too. Matter fact next time you hear Aubrey whistlin “The Farmer in the Dell” n see him comin up the street jus assume some hurtful n insensitive remarks is bout to get let off. The choppers gon be singin all types of hurtful n insensitive remarks n like you done already heard…ANYBODY can get it. Dont think you cant get got. Meanwhile this nigga Drake sayin he should be the third nigga on the throne (wit Jigga n Kanye). First off I still dont understand how them niggas was sharin a throne in the first place. But now the boy Aubrey tryna make it three niggas on one throne n shit… He also conveniently left his ace boon coon Weezy outta that shit n tryna minimize the stranglehold that Kendrick got on the game right now. But since Aubrey out chea lettin that chopper go we should go down the list of cats who directly called him out that he never clapped back at (Pusha-T, DMX, Beanie Sigel) in the past…or talk bout the ones who he felt confident enough to squabble wit…like the harmless 19 yr old tennis playin nigga he said he wanted to stand in front of n see what kinda man he was n size up before he would “chop him right down”. So THAT nigga was worth replyin to cuz son said warmimg up to Drake music gave him a slow start to a big match at Wimbledon. But when Beans said he was gon (AND I QUOTE) “smack the shit out Drake bitch ass” wasnt none of that tough talk from you cuzzo. Pusha-T cooked you n Tunechi on Exodus 23:1 n you was quiet as a church mouse fam. That “outspoken” ass nigga DMX said he aint like nothin bout you…not ya voice, ya face, the way you walk… I mean damn son. That man hated on your face n how you walk. That was jus DIS-RES-PECT-FUL.  Awmjussayin tho… But yo do ya thing n clap back at these teenage tennis prodigies n porn stars n the little little homie bruh. If Puffy ever put hands on you again maybe hit him witta couple witty couplets too.


Aight so this my final thoughts on this shit…

Yall might already picked up on this shit…but I dont really like Drake that much as a human being namsayin. I think he good to his peoples n gotta ear for music that muthafuckas appreciate tho… But he also responsible for 80% of the bitchification in hip hop right now. After Drake threw a moist towelette on the game wasnt gone be no more hardcore niggas flourishing in rap. Y’all can thank Kanye for introducin the wave that Drizzy rode for the next 5 years tho. But this project is almost like a compromise. I feel like Drake tryna move away from all that silky smooth shit a bit nahmean. Son kept this shit ballad-free for the first half even. You jus gotta call it how you see it… As a mixtape of free joints this would be a dope little gift to sons fans on some “thanks for holdin a nigga down over the years” type shit. If you wanna call it a non-free mixtape or a comp of loosies its whatever too. But if/when this shit starts getting Grammy nods n collectin plaques you still gone call the shit a mixtape? Fuckouttahere… That shit is a copout. At the end of the day tho the muthafucka works. These joints all mash together good…theres a vibe n whatever whatever… Even the bullshit throwaway records fit in. Son even sorta stopped callin females “bitches”… which to me was always one of those things that made his whole personality on records seem too fraudulent. Like he was jus wild emotionally scattered before…BUT THATS JUS MY OPINION B. So yea…I mean I aint really mad at this. The shit is wild sparse…but I feel like niggas aint overthink this one. Its also the least soft n corny project Drizzy ever dropped. Which is probably why a lot of his stans gone hate it deep down inside while they dickridin it. It aint no big budget blockbuster epic event or nothin. But Aubrey kept the it loose n had fun on this shit while he looked out for his fellow Toronto..nians n let em shine. I cant be mad at that. Is there anything on this shit thats fuckin wit the bar he set on “Trophies” or anything as catchy as that “Tuesday” shit he featured on? Naw… Other than “Star67” aint nothin really on the “0 to 100/The Catch Up” level of quality neither. But I think shit is a step in the right direction for homie. I gotta keep it unbiased yo…


I gives this shit 3.5 Zeus Slaps outta 5




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Y’all feel free to follow that shit (@bigghostltd) if you think the gawd dont post enough on here. I be droppin scrolls in them captions at least once a week.


This the rarest species of fuckboy known to man right here fam. Sons fatherlessness levels is completely off the charts yo. If Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones was raped n impregnated by a feral cat n then aborted the embryo into a glass of soy milk n somehow that shit continued to gestate n grow n was discovered by some woodland fairies n raised in seclusion from all positive male influences in a enchanted forest until one day it wandered off n got lost n was captured by a band of merry men n held captive at they camp n listened to nothin but Barbara Streisand n Julio Iglesias records while marinatin in the sap of cherry blossom trees for 10 yrs this would be the offspring of that muthafucka. If you was forced to stab this nigga he would bleed no more tears baby shampoo all over your kicks fam. I guarantee you if you looked at sons skin under a microscope you would see actual bubbles n some atomic winged lambs glidin around all over his shit. This is why I can’t respect the #DrakeHive yo. Man you gotta take accountability for the type of fans you got… This shit is your own influences b. This is life imitating art… Like I fucks wit some Drizzy Drake shit but you need to question any man that is capable of this type of influence g. Society gotta control this pandemic before it’s too late. The male species is being systematically annihilated by some unseen forces that want us to stop reproducing namsayin. What better way to do that then to create a population of testosterone devoid emotional eunuchs b? How else you gon explain Wiz, Kid Ink, Kirko Bangz n that bag of flaming dicks Tyga? Anyways since nobody else is sayin it Ima say it… Aight peace.

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July 18, 2014


Ayo whattup… Its ya boy Big Ghost aka the new Russell Simmons aka Acrobatic Chromosomes aka the legendary Phantom Raviolis aka Thor Molecules aka Shampoo Bracelets the panty melter aka Galaxy Knuckles the great aka the mighty Hands of Zeus n all that good shit. Welcome back to the realms of flyness known as the Cappuccino Lounge. Allow yaself to caress the luxurious fur sofas n velvet walls of these paragraphs n enjoy the parables nahmean. Some yall been waitin on this shit for a minute n I apologize for all that. Word yo…its that time of year where we give credit where its due n honor the softest muthafuckas in this here game. Aint no clear definition for what makes a nigga soft b…but the best one I can give yall is its usually got to do wit some corny muthafuckas steppin way the fuck out they lane doin this that n the third to try to prove they NOT some hoe ass dandelion blowers n achievin the opposite effect in the process namsayin. Its some lambs in wolves clothing type shit. So we not here to talk bout will.i.am corny ass or Bruno Mars or Flo Rida… Them cats do what they do n stay in they lanes. That shit dont necessarily affect nobody really. Some yall be cryin foul cuz Macklemore won the Grammy that Kendrick shoulda won n he did it by makin songs bout homosexual lovin n shoppin at thrift stores n whatever (AND BY NOT BEIN BLACK)…yet nobody really tryna light his ass up or throw him on a list like this. Fam…in this hip hop shit…what duke was sayin was like jumpin in front of some bullets usin a tablespoon as a shield. Homie said YO WE SHOULD LET GAY FOLK GET MARRIED N YO BTW I COPPED THIS FUR AT GOOD WILL…NOW IMMA DO A SONG BOUT WHITE WALLS ON MY WHIP. Call that shit calculated or foul or whatever….call the Grammy voters some clowns for favoring white artists…but dont tell me dude soft. Not gon say I agree wit his beliefs or not cuz thats a whole different convo but you gotta be brave as fuck to be on that shit yo. NIGGA YOU WANT MEN TO MARRY MEN AAAAAAAAND YOU ROCKIN SECOND HAND GEAR???!! YO YOU BRAVE AS FUCK FOR A RAPPER B. That nigga Flo Rida be makin some the most wack ass songs on the planet but 1) dude look like he be dead liftin volkswagens n 2) he dont go from makin his hoe ass dance songs to bein on some YO IMMA BUST NIGGAS IN THEY HEADS IF THEY COME AT ME WRONG type shit. He jus stay on some Barney the purple dinosaur shit n be makin songs for drunk people wit bad taste in music n low standards in life nahmean. So thats some outlines for yall so you dont gotta get confused n wonder why Justin Timberlake suit n tie ass not on this bitch but such n such nigga is. Thats actually a perfect example of what Im sayin tho bruh… The grown man JT who stays makin his little grown man records n dabbles in that blue eyed soul shit jus doin his thing n gettin his paper bruh. That lame ass cornrow rockin fuckboy from the early 2000s who use to go outta his way to niggafy his whole corny boy band image never ever got a pass…yanno? If he was still that dude he woulda been top 5 on this shit. Anyways yall get the point n if you dont who the fuck cares… Its my list. If yall dont agree you can keep it movin. Go scroll thru 100 slides on a Complex list or some shit. So without further ado lets go down the list of this years honorees n whatever…


10. Mike Will Made It – Not gon lie b…I fucks wit some Mike Will Made It produced shit here n there…but you wanna talk one-dimensional corny ass lame dudes that stay hypin up some wack ass culture vultures n opened the floodgates for the Katy Perrys n the Biebers to get on some coon shit its some muthafuckas like Mike Will Made It who do that shit yo. But what more you gon expect from somebody who actually be enjoyin puttin whatever his equivalent of a dick is anywhere near Miley’s lobster claw lookin ass. Standards on a negative HUNDRED…THOUSAND… TRILLION my nigga. If all it took to have this house nigga ever so whipped was a 86 lb snowthot who looks like Justin Bieber’s long lost twin brother how you gon expect this trick to stand tall when the revolution come? Get this shuckin n jivin ass deformed Bun B lookin muthafucka outtahere bruh.

lupe grammys

9. Lupe Fiasco – Nothin against the homie Wasalu but he need to get his mind right yo. Son is on some wild insecure shit…actin like he done read every book ever written n be like a 87th degree black belt in over 14 different martial arts forms… Like he wasnt at the local YMCA takin Kung Fu classes like some regular niggas be doin. Nigga you wasnt sparrin wit stunt doubles from old Run Run Shaw movies durin ya childhood n pullin rickshaws in Shanghai n gettin paid in wontons…sleepin on hot dim sum baskets n steel chopsticks to learn how to ignore pain n whatever. You wasnt wrestlin komodo dragons n catchin scorpions wit ya teeth…or some shit that goes beyond what regular niggas learn at they little Karate dojos. Like FOR EXAMPLE I personally been conditioned to ignore the signals from my brain that that tell my body that a sword done pierced thru my flesh n shit like that nahmean.  You aint on that level bruh bruh. If you was then how come when it come to shit that really matters…like not comin across like a fuckboy on social media sites you jus cannot do that shit yo? M’man Lu be doin sucker shit all damn day b… Homie be like the kid at the playground that breathes thru his mouth n always be outta breath n brings all his toys out to make friends n then get mad n take all his toys home n cry a bucket of tears into his pillow n then draw pictures of all the muthafuckas he gon slay wit his lightsaber someday. Dont get me wong yo…son can rap but he be actin like a bird…lockin his twitter n shit like that. The nigga also be dressin like a combination of Ellen n Morpheus yo. Anytime he out in public he be lookin like he jus got outta a long term relationship wit Erykah Badu. Except he aint did that. Stop all foolishness son.


8. Hopsin – This corny nigga gets a lifetime pass for INFINITE fuckouttaheres bruh.

Roscoe Dash

7. Roscoe Dash – This nigga so weak n delicate that a slight breeze from somebody walkin by him could knock him over yo…. Nigga lighter than a Japanese paper lantern or some shit. You could probably poke a hole thru him witta rolled up newspaper b. Ionno what it is but anytime I see this nigga face I jus be feelin violent namsayin. I wanna smack him so hard that Sierra Mist gon shoot out his ass n spiral the nigga body n make him cartwheel for like 5 or 6 city blocks…lookin like those colorful water sprinklers little white kids be jumpin thru on they lawns in commercials n shit. I still aint never allowed my ears to be tortured by any more Roscoe songs or verses ever again after the All The Way Turnt Up shit but jus knowin this nigga still allowed to make music is enough reason for me to be feelin some type of way n say enough is enough yo…

kid ink

6. Kid Ink – Only thing worse than actually being a degenerate like Chris Brown or Tyga is being a hybrid of some degenerates like Chris Brown n Tyga. Ionno who started this trend of skinny ass cats gettin as many tattoos as they possibly can n coverin every single inch of they fuckboy bodies wit ink before they 18th birthdays but that shit done run its course b. Second of all if you gon be that frontin ass sucker that gets they whole torso inked up wit all types of shit that dont mean one muthafuckin thing to you jus so you can feel like you really some type of belligerent muthafucka after that….have the decency to not call yaself “Kid Ink” doggie. Like you jus gon ride that gimmick n act like you really the ONLY tatted up little nigga weighin 78 lbs runnin round out chea… OH THE SKINNY LITTLE MARMOT LOOKIN ASS NIGGA WIT THE TATS? OH THATS THAT NIGGA KID INK. HE THE ONLY NIGGA RUNNIN ROUND LOOKIN LIKE SOMEBODY HAD MADE A HUMAN BEING OUTTA SOME CHICKEN BONES N CHRIS BROWN’S HEAD. How the fuck yall take this slightly less trash Tyga replica seriously yo? Son…you a knockoff version of one the wackest if not THEE wackest muthafucka that ever inhaled oxygen on this planet. How that sound? To make shit even more corny you also look like a underdeveloped version of the poster child for domestic abuse/human highlight reel for grown man tantrums n Drake’s former arch nemesis hisself. Sons monkey ass looks like how Breezy would look if he was left out in the rain overnight n somebody used a blow dryer to dry him off n the nigga shrunk by 20% or some shit. Never mind the fact that every single this 4:5 scale Breezy replica puts out sounds like he aimin directly for the heart of some 14 yr old future stripper. Fuckouttahere wit all that beige nigga shit b.

  1. blaise Reply

    hi my name is blaise larmee please check out my rhymes

    • Anonymous Reply


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  3. Loki Reply

    Wowly ghost!

  4. coon Reply

    Ghost,you done it again! about time

  5. Relly Reply

    Big ghost face is rellyonsmash fuck u and ur s65 nigga

  6. 2$av Reply


    Kirko scissoring wit WNBA players, lol!

    The game needs this.

  7. Dilo T. Reply

    AWW SHIIIIIIIIIT! SCREAM ON IT, GHOST! Thanks for yet again shining the torch on these “gimme an A for effort/don’t hate, always tolerate” ass bitches. Real Hip Hop 4 Life.

  8. Slick Jefferson Reply

    Lupe is like a cautionary tale of the Chicago conscious rap movement. Look at the fallen soldiers: Common (now wack-as-hell Common), Kanye (need I say more?), and this dude. It’s much better for rappers from the Chi to stay hood.

  9. ThatBake Reply

    AKA Great Value Drake!!!

  10. Evilina Reply

    I see some lip puckerin ass niggas on this thread. But that’s none of my business

  11. WestPhillyinIT Reply

    Shoudlve kept the same writer from softest niggas 1-5. You can tell this isnt written by the same person

    • Eighty-Eight Dez Reply

      These detective ass MFs swear they know everything lmao he bodied it as per usual.

  12. lol @ the picture of lupe fiasco. i never bothered to actually check what that faggot nigga looks like. That might be the ugliest outfit I have ever seen in my entire life, not even joking.

  13. brutaltooth Reply

    Fuggin Lupe looks just like Johnny – Fucking – Kemp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl1mQASHc48 c’mon son

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  15. Dat Nigga Dave Reply

    Come on son, start reviewing shit again. So many albums came and went without Big Ghost dropping some knowledge. Why even bother with the site upgrade bruh?

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