Some ol omega caramel darts nahmean!

Ayo whattup niggas this Big Ghost broadcastin to yalls live via amazin wizardry n shit. These muthafuckin words is  just some the thoughts a nigga had thrown out there n shit but aint make it onto no blogs n shit namsayin. And shit was like as tho the angels had carried the muthafuckin words to various destiniations around the galaxies n shit cos some no name nigga sent them to the god n said ayo Tone ya gotta shine a light on these joints son cos the joints is knowledge god nahmean. So the god gon grant that wish to that no name nigga n offer that beacon of hopes namsayin. Word bond cos niggas is floatin in they little rubber boats n shit in the middle of these oceans n they need that life jacket namsayin. Word n the wisdom of the god poetics is like that raft made from palm trees n shit that gon carry the niggas to that tropical island where they gon get they fresh water n eat bananas n coconuts n shit namsayin. They gon live on deserted islands until they rescued by like the navy n shit namsayin. A nigga jus blowin that niggas raft (no homo) like a breeze or or or like a wind n shit that gon carry that nigga (no homo) to where he need to get to in his life n shit nahmean. 

“Ayo this Big Ghost the Wally Champ. Word lets walk these dogs one time. Imma spit fire on niggas from a golden pegasus. Imma peel onions under a nigga eyes tho n make they tears shower when they realize where a nigga heart is. These is heartfelt renditions by the god. I touch a nigga heart like when niggas be watchin Dancin Wit The Stars n they got they little Unicef joints during the commercials nahmean. When they show the little niggas in Ethiopia or the Congo with the flies on they face namsayin. Even the biggest niggas be cryin like little girls when they see them babies with the missing limbs n they tummies all blown out n shit. Maggots in they hair with no arms n shit. That shit hurt a nigga heart. N I spit bars that touch niggas like that.”

Word bond. This shit givin the god chills namsayin. A nigga basically tryin to spread that glorious upliftments n shit namsayin. Niggas is gettin electrocuted wit that wisdom namsayin. Muthafuckas should be keepin the wisdom in they portflios for them raindy dayz namsayin. Word yo when the clouds be cryin on a nigga sometimes the god feel like he splashin amongst the mermaids n shit. Word yo n the mermaids got they big ass titties wit the coconut shells n shit namsayin….word.

“Word yo a nigga shower yall with vessels of nutrition for yall niggas wigs. The god put roses in yall hearts. Tellin yall bout the woes and travesties of the world n shit. Babies runnin round on sidewalks naked with no diapers on while they moms suckin dick for food stamps. Crackhead niggas stealin niggas plants out they front yard. Bitches strippin at titty bars so they aint gotta work at McDonalds n shit. Yo the god be reflectin on these devestations while he eatin his ziti nahmean. Word.”

N to the nigga Preem for lettin a nigga top his list of all time favorite joints n shit nahmean…

“Ayo whattup this Ghost Deini aka the Black Ronald Reagan. Whats good Preem! Ayo the gods humbled just to be mentioned but to clench that top spot nahmean?that shits a blessing son. Word. A nigga spit out his raviolis when he seen that. The nigga Alvin at the barbershop in Staten called the god up to bless his ears with the news nahmean. He put a rainbow in the gods heart with that nah mean. He stay up on all the latest blogs info so on n so forth. Thats my word. Niggas pollyin n whatnot n he caught the god off guard n says to me yo that nigga Preem says you got the best album of the decade yo. N Im like word nigga yo ya puttin thumbtacks on the god chair to try n see if a nigga gon jump right! Nahmean. N he like nah Tone hand to Allah n all that. Thats the truth son. A nigga just started cryin yo. Tears bust out a nigga wig cos that shit just hit a nigga in his heart yo. I seen cupids on the god shoulders when I went over to the mirror n shit tryna wipe the gods tears so I could thank you Preem. Ayo the god got cherubs on his shoulders that watch over himn nah mean. Its a blessing son. Thank you.

Aight peace.”

Yalls niggas stay in the presence of the god glory like that namsayin. Imma take care yall niggas. Yalls is under the wings of a falcon n shit nahmean. A nigga scrolls gon hold yalls down namsayin. Word.
Aight peace.

  1. vietnam jon Reply

    Ghost, please keep doing these. Keep exposing these smart dumb niggaz nahmean. Smash these pussys like baby aspirin god!

  2. Anonymous Reply

    “A real man should never have to say no homo” -Jadakiss

  3. Gene Reply

    You’re not Ghost, just some fucking actor.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    You’re not fooling anyone, Drake.

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