That Ol Fly Shit Namsayin!

Big Tone speaks on Raekwon’s new album

Ayo whattup this ya nigga Big Ghost aka the rap Bon Jovi nahmeans. Whattup to that nigga Chef aka Lex Diamonds aka Shallah Raekwon aka Corey nahmeans! Congratulations on the new joint n shit namsayin. Word. The god feelin mad joy to see ya project come to fruitions n shit. Word bond. Ayo yalls already know the god been knowing this nigga since we was babies n shit namsayin. Ayo the nigga Rae was a chubby nigga but the god seen past all that husky shit nahmeans. The nigga was a little on the thick side but he was a fly nigga. Word. The brotha had all that fly shit when we was just lil niggas namsayin. Ayo the god was a bum nigga nahmeans. Word. The god was sleepin 8 to a bed n shit n had the sneakers wit the sole separatin from the shoe n shit. The god shoes used to flap n make slappin noises when a nigga was runnin down the street nahmeans. Used to sound like babies clappin they hands when the god was runnin namsayin. But the nigga Rae had luxuries that the god looked up to nahmeans. Word. The nigga was rockin fly gears n used to come around wit a fresh cut n shit. Niggas head used to look airbrushed. Meanwhile the god n my brothers used to share pants n shit. Thats my word. A nigga aint even had no pants that was his own. Niggas was fightin over who turn it was to rock the corduroys n shit. Meanwhile the nigga Rae he aint share his pants wit no muthafuckin body. Niggaa even had his own bed n shit. The nigga had the joint that looked like a race car n shit. Nigga had Atari in his room n shit. Word. Nigga was like royalty to us. Word bond the nigga had the crayon box wit the sharpeners n shit. Ya know the 64 color joints n shit. My nigga had that. Had mad colors. We was usin yellow n red to color skin in the coloring books nahmeans. Niggas had the 7 packs. Ayo but the nigga Rae had like 6 different shades of browns n shit namsayin. Nigga had the silver n gold joints. He used to say nobody could touch the silver n golds namsayin. Word bond. We was buggin like who this nigga? Nigga was like a alien n shit. The nigga was a martian. Niggas in the hood aint had pets n shit. We was puttin rats in the shoe box jus so we could experience that shit namsayin. Niggas was seekin that affection from rodents n shit. But ayo my lil nigga Davie he got bit in the throat by one them pet rats so we cut that shit out nahmeans. Niggas was gettin rabies n shit. But the nigga Rae he had real life guinea pigs n shit. Like from the real pet stores n shit. Nigga had a guinea pig named Joey in his room n he used to let niggas admire that muthafucka when we was there. We aint know what the shit was at first. Niggas was runnin round like ayo the nigga Rae got a armadillo at his crib namsayin. Niggas was thinkin Rae had that exotic shit. I miss that nigga Joey. But yo thats neither here nor there nahmeans. I love this nigga right here. No homo namsayin. This nigga like the wind beneath the god wings n shit. The god done great things wit the nigga. We done seen the world together nahmeans. We done gone to Africa to dig wells wit our bare hands for the unfortunate. We done opened schools in the mother land. We done crossed deserts together n drank from the same cactuses n shit. We done tag teamed bitches together. Word. The god would donate one of his livers to the nigga Rae. Anybody ever cross my nigga Imma pull a muthafucka stomach out his ass n shit. Thats my word. Yalls click the god name for his latest interviews n shit.
Aight peace.
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    I love you. I love you and I want you to have all my little kids and shit. Nahmean.

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