Racism, Boycotts, Protests, & Trump by IronsideHex

Trumplestilskin is at it again.
Donald Trump.
Donald J. Trump.
The Donald.

Have u ever noticed how many words that begin with the letter “D” describe Trump?

Donald, Demagogue, Dumb-ass, Dickhead, Dullard, Divider, Disrespectful, Disaster, Deflector, Delusional, Draft Dodger, Dimwit, Dictator, Disgrace, Doofus, Devil, Degenerate, Disingenuous, Dotard.

There are probably plenty more, those are just off the top of my head. One word that really sticks out is “DIVIDER”. Throughout your whole life you’ve heard the phrase ‘DIVIDE & CONQUER’. That’s exactly what Trump is attempting to do. He operates in this gray area, poking, prodding. Trying to hit the right nerve so that he can pluck it and pull it until you see things his way. He’ll iritate that nerve til it’s red and raw, and then make you think he’s the only one that can soothe it. Of course he can heal it, he’s the one fucking with it in the first place.

That’s what Trump does.

He creates problems then convinces his dumb-ass base that only he can solve them. He attacked the First Amendment and the media with his “Fake News” campaign. Everything is “Fake News”; ABC, MSNBC, CNN. Everything except FOHX, (State Run TV, like they’ve got in North Korea) which primarily speaks glowingly about this dingleberry (there’s another one). Except Shep Smith, I fuck with Shep Smith. He tells the truth about Trump, and we know how much Trump hates the truth.
The truth needs no support, it magnifies his lies and holds a mirror up to Trump’s stupid face. He attacks it daily. Now he’s attacking one of Amerikkka’s institutions.


Recently Trump put his idiot foot in his mouth again. At a rally for now defeated Senate candidate Luther Strange in Alabama, Trump went off prompter again. He called for NFL owners to fire players who kneel in protest during the national anthem. He also called them “Sons-Of-Bitches”.

At the time there were only about 9 NFL players (all black) actively kneeling or sitting. The protests, which were started by current free agent QB Colin Kaepernick in 2016 when he played for the San Francisco 49ers, were slowly dwindling, along with the hopes for a Kaepernick comeback. Stupid ass Trump pulled out his dog-whistle deep in the heart of Dixie, and revived the whole shit.

Trump, the great
race-baiter, may have said “Son’s Of Bitches”, but his dog-whistle translated that to “Niggers”.
The NFL owners raised their collective eyebrows. You can do a lot of shit but you can’t tell rich as fuck white people what to do, and that’s exactly what Trump did. By saying that the owners should fire any player kneeling, Trump got in their business. A lot of those owners donated money to Trump’s campaign, too. Well, rich white people can’t fuck with people as rich or richer than them. The owners got to writing letters, sending out press releases, kneeling and locking arms with their players like a muthafucka.

The owners.

The same people who won’t hire Colin Kaepernick we’re acting like they were 21st century Martin Luther Kings. And Kaepernick’s whole message got lost. It was never about the flag or the anthem. It’s about oppression, inequality, and injustices in this country being perpetrated upon people of color. Trump tried to muddle the water and make it an issue of patriotism. He wants to rile his base and start a culture war. First he rails at the media and Hollywood, now he starts on the NFL. The NFL players weren’t the only sports stars in Trump’s crosshairs. Trump went after NBA superstar Steph Curry after Curry said that he didn’t think he was going to visit the White House with his world champion Golden State Warriors. Trump’s Twitter fingers jumped into action immediately. Just like the petulant child he is he rescinded his invitation to Curry over Twitter and provoked a swift reaction.

All-World NBA SuperDuperStar LeBron James referred to Trump as a “BUM” and pointed out that Curry didn’t want to go to the White House anyway. Other sports figures chimed in, as did the dreaded Black Twitter. They drug Trump from Detroit to Dubai. The Warriors decided that they would still go to D.C., just not to the White House. I hope they go to Barack and Michelle Obama’s crib and have a cookout. Slows BBQ can cater it but Patti LaBelle can make the pies and DJ D-Nice can provide the sounds.

Of course Trump couldn’t let anyone get the last word on him. He continued his tirade, praising the NHL’s all white championship team, The Pittsburgh Penguins, who restated their intention to go to the White House. That wasn’t it, Trump also touted the patriotism of majority white motor sports league NASCAR, although I seem to see them flying a lot more Confederate flags than Anerikkkan.

# Methinks doth protest too much

It seems like months ago that ESPN anchor Jemele Hill called Trump a white supremacist on her Twitter feed and the White House called for her firing. It was actually only a couple weeks ago, but it’s been over-shadowed, placed in the rear-view mirror when Trump decided to attack black athletes and call for their firing. So look at the facts. Two different instances with two similarities. Jemele Hill and the athletes taking a knee were all black, and they were all exercising their first amendment rights. Trump hates the first amendment because it allows people to criticize him and to ultimately tell the truth about him. He likes to create his own reality and drive his own narrative. He spins a web of lies then hunkers down in the middle of them and waits for you to get caught up. Of course Trump says that there’s no racial component to any of this shit. Jemele, the NFL players and Steph Curry all just happen to be black.
It’s all a coincidence.
Besides, this is about disrespecting the flag, not about anything race related.
The draft dodger is suddenly so patriotic. The Great Distractor is at it again. You would be well served to find out what he’s trying to distract you FROM. It could be his loss at trying to repeal and replace Obamacare, his terrible response to the devastation in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria, or maybe it’s his cabinet Secretaries using private jets like taxis at the tax payers expense. His assault on the NFL and the first amendment is actually paying dividends for him though. He has successfully changed the narrative. What was originally peaceful kneeling during the anthem to bring awareness to police brutality against people of color has morphed into a mishmash of some teams linking arms, kneeling, kneeling then standing and linking arms, putting up the black power salute and refusing to come out for the singing of the anthem at all. It’s become a referendum on Trump. Let me just say, that linking arms shit means exactly nothing.

It’s a joke.

Aaron Rodgers tried to implore Green Bay Packers fans to join the team and link arms in the stands in a show of solidarity against Trump’s divisiveness. A lot of those fans chose not to join arms, so that should tell you all you need to know about Amerikkka.
They don’t want to unify, they want us to bow to them.

Fuck that.

That ‘linking arms’ bullshit really pisses me off anyway, so does that kneeling before then standing during the anthem.
That’s pointless.
That’s some other shit, that’s not Kaepernick’s protest.
If you aren’t kneeling DURING the anthem you may as well be standing at attention, hand over your heart, singing the third verse at the top of your lungs. As for those black players that just started kneeling, especially those that were critical of Kaepernick, it’s a shame that they care more about their owner’s money and white pride than they do about black blood.

Sports Illustrated had a recent cover that photoshopped sports figures like LeBron James, Steph Curry, Michael Bennett and others linking arms with Golden State coach Steve Kerr and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. You know who wasn’t on that cover?
Colin Kaepernick.
The guy who started all of this shit.
Was he forgotten or purposely omitted?
It really doesn’t matter, either answer is a fucking travesty. What kills me is people saying that protestors shouldn’t be allowed to protest during the National Anthem.


Allowed to protest?

That’s fucking crazy.

Think about it; people actually trying to dictate when it’s ok for someone to protest.


They only want protests when they’re comfortable with it.

Maybe Kaepernick should have protested in the bathroom, with the door shut.
Protests are supposed to make people uncomfortable. They’re supposed to be like nails on a fucking chalkboard.
Maybe Rosa Parks should have waited and sat on another bus with a driver that might have felt more comfortable with her in a front seat.

Maybe those kids that sat at those ‘whites only’ Woolworth lunch counters in 1960 and refused to move should have done those midday protests at night, right before closing.
When nobody was there but the dishwasher and one waitress.

Maybe Martin Luther King should have waited til the sheriffs in Alabama gave him the OK to march.

I say this all the time, Colin Kaepernick is going to be on the right side of history. He’s transcended football, he’s headed toward cultural icon.

Jay Z performed with Damian Marley on the premiere of Saturday Night Live ( where comedian Michael Che had some choice words for Trump) and made three profound statements.
First the fact that he did SNL at all after thumbing his nose at the NFL when they approached him to perform at the Superbowl in 2018. Second, there was a Rasta on stage with Jay and Jr.Gong waving a Puerto Rican flag, showing support for the U.S. territory and the victims of the hurricane. Thirdly, he took the stage in a custom made black number 7 Nike football jersey with the name “COLIN K” on the back. A not so subtle show of support for our hero, Colin Kaepernick, and sure to whip Trump and FOHX News into a frenzy.

Point made, message received loud and clear, Jay Z.
The sports leagues are scrambling. The NFL is catching backlash as some of their teams’ season ticket holders demand refunds. The
NBA tried to nip that shit in the bud.

Commissioner Adam Silver sent the players a memo reminding them that the National Basketball Association has a policy that all players stand for the National Anthem. In a perfect world the players would send Silver a memo back that would remind him to get these nuts.
Also I want to say that Adam Silver looks like fucking Gollum from The Lord Of The Rings. The fact is that although the NFL”s players are 70% black their money isn’t guaranteed, they could be cut at any time and there goes their income. That’s unlike NBA players who have guaranteed contracts. The NBA is also 295% black so we’ll see what happens when the season starts. With outspoken ballers like LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony something is sure to happen. They gotta be careful of fucking up their endorsements, tho.
I don’t expect a full-blown revolt but I do anticipate some sort of league-wide demonstration in the spirit of Colin’s protest.

Listen, maybe it’s unfair to put the weight of the world on the shoulders of athletes. Maybe they don’t give a fuck about any of this shit and they just want to play their respective sport, cash their check and go home.
Well that’s too fucking bad.
They may not want to be role models and de facto freedom fighters but they ARE.
While some fans want them to just “Shut up and play football”, and proclaim that they’re “too rich to be oppressed”, those are the exact reasons they should speak out. A lot of these guys come from impoverished areas and were “at risk” youth, just like the kids bad police use for target practice with impunity. If they’re aware of it, they have a duty to shine a spotlight on injustice in our communities, whether they want to or not.
Far be it from me to ask these men to lose their livelihoods for any protest. It looks more and more like Kaepernick already fell on that sword. I don’t look for a player’s strike to bring the NFL and NBA to their knees. I know that these players are contractually obligated to play their sport. They’re going to play regardless of all the oppression and injustice protests. However, some people perceive it as a protest of Amerikkka and the flag. This is probably their worst nightmare.

# Amerikkka the beautiful

Alright, quick history lesson. I’ve said this shit before. Amerikkkan flag adopted in 1777, Star Spangled Banner written in 1814, includes some not so inclusive language.
A lot of black people were working unpaid internships back then.


Amerikkkan’s are supposed to love the flag, the anthem, apple pie, baseball, boobs and guns.

But do you know what Amerikkkans really, really, REALLY love? They love winning and they love chanting
“U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!!”
What better way to combine both of Amerikkkans favorite things than to watch the World Games and the Olympics?
Chant til your hearts content.
Watch as athletes step up on the winners podium again and again. Athletes clad in Amerikkka’s colors.
Black athletes.

Now imagine that there were no black athletes participating.

Remember how Cassius Clay threw his 1960 Olympic gold medal in the river because winning it had changed nothing? Remember in 1968 how John Carlos and Tommie Smith raised their black-gloved fists in the air from the winner’s podium in Mexico City?
Some profound statements, wouldn’t you say? How profound of a statement would it be if all black athletes boycotted Team USA?
No Simones, no Gabby, no Allyson. No Dalilah Muhammad, no men or women’s relay track teams.
How much podium stepping would Amerikkka be doing? What would they win?

Male swimming?


They sure as fuck wouldn’t win any track events.

No black sprinters doing victory laps draped in your precious flag.


Meet your new U.S. national team.
Gordon Hayward, Chandler Parsons, Kevin Love, Kyle Korver, J.J. Redick, Kirk Hinrich, Ryan Anderson, Doug McDermott, Jimmer Fredette, Luke Kennard, and Grayson Allen.

A good squad but not exactly LeBron and company. You’re looking at about a fourth or fifth place finish in international play.
“U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!!”
See people who chant that shit love what black sweat can get them but turn a blind eye when black blood is spilled.

Black basketball players make enough money at their day job that they can arrange a psuedo-boycott of USA Basketball and leave Coach K with a melanin-challenged squad.
That could happen.
The Olympics and World Games is a bit trickier for athletes in other sports.
Look, I get it.
The Olympics only comes around every four years and you have a short window to participate. Most people get to be in one, maybe two Olympics. Athletes make sacrifices and work towards the Olympics at an early age, it would be hard to expect someone who has been training since 6 years old to forgo their opportunity at Olympic glory. Plus a protest would be like the kiss of death as far as sponsors, endorsements, and commercials are concerned. No Nike, Adidas, Puma, Wheaties or Gatorade. No TMobile, Sprint, Chevrolet, Ford et al. They would basically reduced to just a muthafucka who can run fast.
I get it tho, that shit won’t happen.
That’s how these folks get their money, and I don’t begrudge them.
I just don’t understand competing to bring gold to a country that doesn’t give a fuck about you, especially with this asshole at the helm.
It has parallels to slavery to me.
Our ancestors were stolen and brought TO this country, some ran from slaveowners IN this country, now some of us run FOR this country?


So, where do we go from here?
I’ll tell you one thing, don’t hold your breath for the impeachment of the Hate Pumpkin. Mueller’s investigation is taking so fucking long that Trump’s term will probably be damn near up by the time he’s ready to indict. Trump will have already fucked up the world good by then.
Now, as for the NFL protests, they’ll get smaller and smaller. The owners are already trying to quash them quietly, behind the scenes. Like Martha Ford, owner of my beloved Detroit Lions. Old Marth Vader has offered her financial support for causes the players deem important, as long as they don’t kneel during the anthem. Two Lions knelt anyway. (Fight the power brothers!) I think Kaepernick’s old team the San Francisco 49ers had the best demonstration. Those who wanted to kneel during the anthem, knelt. Those who wanted to stand stood behind them. Beautiful.
I’m going to ignore the fact that they could have done that while Kaep was ON the team, but whatever.
I’m partial to a good kneel down, but there’s something to be said for a standing black power salute, too.
How are the
anthem-lovers gonna be mad at that?
The players are standing, right? In a perfect world I would want every black player to kneel, I would want every player who’s against injustice and oppression to wear one black glove during the game.
We gotta be honest, this isn’t about some red, white, and blue piece of cloth, or some old-ass song with some racist lyrics in a hidden verse. This is about rich black men exercising their first amendment rights, taking the $100 bill gags off their mouths. This is about black men not doing what their told. Let me speak plainly, this is white people mad because they feel that the slaves done got uppity. They can’t say that, so Trump comes up with this flag bullshit to hide behind. You know what’s really disrespectful to the American flag? The Nazi swastika and the Confederate flag.
Call the muthafuckas who covet those symbols

# The wrap up

The Tennessee Titans dropped the ball. Their starting QB Marcus Mariota got hurt.
They signed Brandon Fucking Weeden.
The Titans didn’t even call Kaepernick in to work out.
Oakland QB David Carr has a fracture in his back, he’s out a couple of weeks.
Hey Raiders, Kaep’s waiting on your call.
They’re probably going to try to use the tragedy in Las Vegas to try and make all the players stand for the anthem, for the victims.

The irony.

Trying to hamper the exercising of first amendment rights to mourn victims of flawed second amendment rights.

What a time to be alive.

P.S. Jemele Hill was correct.